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Biennale : Noko, Order 41 Conjuration of Beelzebub


The Biennale Film Program, Magickal Songs, Mythical Histories and Fictitious Truths

NOKO: will be performing a live AV performance of ORDER 41: Conjuration of Beelzebub at the 17th Australian Art Biennale.

noko (Michael Strum, Scott Barnes and Barry Hale) operate at the very fringes of expanded cinema, live performance, music and magick. Their rare public appearances – the last of which took place at the Equinox Festival in London in 2009 – see them engaging in esoteric rituals through abstracted experimental sound and visuals. These visuals mix animation, found footage, documentation of magickal practices and real-time image-capture to create a swirling sea of ever-changing images. Working in broadly the same occult traditions as Harry Smith, they manifest magick as art and their art as magick – for Noko there can be no separation.
01/08/2010, 03:00PM, Artspace,

Noko, Order 41 Conjuration of Beelzebub at SuperDeluxe@Artspace

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