Jimmy Page, Rick Wakeman and Kenneth Grant

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An email sent to an e-list dedicated to the creative works of Austin Osman Spare includes some fascinating background to the excellent “Scarlet Woman” music single familiar to many students of Crowley and Grant… From the online 60s psych zine Sweet Floral Albion:

“PC – Tell us about the Scarlet Woman 45.”

BP – By Chakra – Me and Martin, so basically Pandamonium, with Ken Grant [Kenneth Grant = Aleister Crowley’s executor and spiritual heir] doing the incantation. I wrote it from his books and sung on it. Martin was on drums, me on guitar, I think Lee Abbott on bass and Rick Wakeman (I think!) on piano. There’s also a couple of witches in the background. Jimmy Page bought hundreds of copies from us. It was issued on our label – Maraybo Records (that’s MA-rtin, RAY and BO-b!) in 1976.”

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