Amalantrah Working at Treadwells

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On 14 October 2010 at Treadwells Bookshop…

Crowley’s Amalantrah Working: Thelema, The Tao, and the New York Years

Gary Dickinson

In New York in 1918, Aleister Crowley undertook a visionary session with his friend Roddie Minor, with her having visions and reporting them to Crowley as they occurred. One part of the record relates her saying, “We went down by the stream and across it into the woods where the wizard and the child were. They both looked a little lonely. I asked his name and he told me Amalantrah. I asked who I was and he said ‘Part of the Tao.'”

Gary Dickinson looks in greater depth at this episode, Crowley’s relationship with the Tao Te Ching, and other related themes in the Working.

Gary Dickinson is a sinologist and Crowley researcher: a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society, he worked in the field of Chinese art for over twenty years, lecturing throughout the world on Chinese ritual and symbolism. He is co-author of Imperial Wardrobe, widely regarded as a source-work on the court dress of the Qing period (1644-1911). He was also an historical consultant for the Oscar-winning costumes in Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor.

Price: £7.00
Time: 7.15 for a 7.30 start
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