A Passion for Evil – A new one man show by John Burns about Aleister Crowley

Is God to live in a dog?

John Burns has written and stars in A Passion for Evil. This one man play explores the man, the myth and the beastly legend of Aleister Crowley. Love him, leave him, loathe him or lionise him Crowley does have an enduring appeal. His reappearance in Edinburgh in 2010 follows his dramatic persona being given to popular acclaim in 2003 by Periplum Tree. John Burns offers an intense performance that reveals the ritual and the rigmarole of Crowley’s life. If there is way to step inside the consciousness of Aleister Crowley then watching John Burns take on this role may allow the audience to become the Beast. If you decide to take your seat in the auditorium and to take on the challenge of, “Being Aleister Crowley,” then be ready for an eventful inventive ride with the wickedest man stripped bare and ready for action.

Details of further performances this year will be published here when known.

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