NOKO Performance – Esoteric Book Conference ‘HYPERCUBE 210 PA-GSQ’

NOKO will be performing a live Audio-Visual mix at the upcoming Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle on Sat 18th of September 2010.

NOKO will be presenting elements from the forthcoming book and multimedia release, HYPERCUBE 210 [Fulgur Limited].

The total HYPERCUBE 210 project represents a new direction in the investigation of the Enochian magical system, with particular focus on the Lingua Angelica vel Adamica, the Enochian Alphabet received by Elizabethan magician Dr John Dee and seer Edward Kelley.

NOKO is an art/magical research project spanning 15 years and is the performative aspect of Barry William Hale’s various lines of esoteric research (involving long-standing collaborations with Sound Realization — Scott Barnes and Visualizations — Michael Strum), erupting into what is traditionally a fine arts arena.

The merging of magical ritual work with contemporary experimental sound and visuals form highly original assemblages in a live multi-media environment.

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