The AOS Exhibition: ‘Fallen Visionary’

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Cuming Museum
Monday 13th September – Sunday 14th November, 2010
Old Walworth Town Hall, 151, Walworth Road, London SE17 1RY

This is the month when Austin Osman Spare returns to Southwark.

Here’s an update for you on what is taking place…
It is now hung! And the installation looks truly wonderful. Over 80 works from all periods have been brought back to Southwark for this landmark show.

The special feature is the wall of stunning self-portraits providing a poignant timeline of the artist from his early fame through to late adversity.

There’s a reunion too for several of the ‘local types’ works. These were last alongside each other in the Temple Bar (Porters), 1949 and the Mansion House Tavern show, 1952.

There are also cabinet displays featuring the artist’s books, with rare items including original ink drawings for Pickford Waller’s bookplates, invites, pub catalogues, sketches and personal correspondence.

There is also a surprise appearance of the newly discovered Focus of Life folio, which is soon to be published by Fulgur.

So there are many captivating art works and some fascinating Sparian relics for you to justify a trip South of the River Thames…

Patrons’ View

This is set for Sunday 26th September.
This event has been arranged to take place out of the regular museum open hours. An opportunity for the chosen few to have the gallery to themselves (admittance strictly to names on guest list only). For those who have to travel, it should be more convenient than a week-day evening. So avoid the thronging pilgrims and join us then!

NB: Entry is only ensured with the purchase of the Deluxe Edition of the publication ‘Cockney Visionary’. You still have an opportunity to attend. Copies of the Deluxe Edition still remain and are selling steadily. Go to this link to secure your copy:

Its a Sparian Autumn…

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