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Some remarkable items in the latest update from Treadwells Bookshop…

Rare books

Scarce and rare books currently in stock in our rarities case are listed below. If financing is an issue, remember we accept purchase in installments — just send us an email enquiring about this facility. All books are returnable if not to your taste or satisfaction.

34 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7PB | Open: Noon-7pm, seven days a week | info@treadwells-london.com | Ph: 020 7240 8906
Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare
Kenneth Grant
550 pounds sterling
Deluxe edition copy. Limited edition, hand-numbered in a limitation of 93 copies. Signed by both Kenneth and Steffi Grant. Without doubt one of the most important works on Spare ever published, this ground-breaking book has deservedly won an enviable reputation in modern occult studies. This edition has a new preface by Kenneth Grant but then adheres to the format, design and binding of the original. Not quite a facsimile, the entire book has been reset, though using the original font. Original have been recopied so as to render the images clearer and sharper. Hardbound with dustjacket, in slipcase. Condition: near fine (slipcase very slightly scuffed and corners very lightly bumped).

H.R. Giger’s Necronomicon
Zurich: Edition C, 1984.

Full of Giger illustrations in colour and black-and-white. Mainly illustrations. Text is in German. A real collector’s item. Softback Folio – 12” x 15”/ Condition: Good+

Legion 49
Barry Wilillam Hale

Somerset: Fulgur, 2009. From the publishers: “Drawn from many years practical experience working with Beelzebub and his servitors, Legion 49 provides us with a rare glimpse of ‘the Lord of the Flies’ and the dark quintessence of his Legion. In a series of short, de-constructionist essays the artist explores traditional methods of evocation and the myths surrounding Beelzebub, before providing an iconographical and sigillic recension of his horde of forty-nine servitors, glimpsed through the protective-symmetry of the paper-cut traditions of old Mexico.” Standard edition limited to 777 signed, hand-numbered copies. This is a launch copy, stamped ‘Treadwell’s’ on the night of the launch and signed by the event host and proprietor as well as the author. Inscribed by the author personally at the front to that night’s purchaser.

The Obelisk and Freemasonry
John A. Weisse

New York: Bouton, 1880. Subtitled, ‘According to the Discoveries of Belzoni and Commanger Gorringe: also Egyptian symbols compared with the Those Discovered in American Mounds; with Coloured and Plain Illustrations, the Hieroglyphs of the American and English Obelisks, and Translations into English by Dr. S. Birch.’ A wonderful freemasonic panaply of oblisks, architecture, Egyptian dress and masonic aprons, the tomb of Seti I, mysteries of Dionysos, mysteries of the Druids, freemasonry in the United States. Green boards with gold stamp on cover and spine. Many illustrations, black-and-white. Condition: Good, ex-lib with only one discreet stamp and ex-libris sticker, no marks on spine. Very scarce.

Man, Myth and Magic
Complete Bound Set

Seven-volume set – full set of 80 issues of this extraordinary magazine series of profound influence in shaping Britain’s occult culture in the 1970s. A comprehensive exploration of magic and myth, covering: possession & trance, religions east and west, magic rites and rituals around the world, black magic, psychic research, fortune telling, gods, astrology, angels, the leaders in the theosophical movement, symbols. Formatted like an encylopedia. Articles written by well-known occultists, including Kenneth Grant. Extensively and breathtakingly richly illustrated in colour and black-and-white. Magazines bound in the tan / gold binders provided by the publishers at the time.

East and West
Rene Guenon

London: Luzac & Co., 1941. First English edition. A classic by the 20th century mystic, thinker, occultist of the perennialist school. Rene Guenon was born in Blois, France in 1886. An accomplished mathematician and the preeminent student of Oriental metaphysics in his time, he converted to Islam in about 1912. He moved to Cairo in 1930 and remained there the rest of his life. Guenon published some 26 major books and dozens of articles. His work established him as one of the greatest exponents of traditional religious symbolism. His mathematical mind drew him to the Shadhili Order of Sufis. Chapters: Western Illusions – civilisation and progress; superstition of science; superstition of life; imaginary terrors and real dangers. How the differences might be bridged – fruitless attempts; agreement on principles; constitution of the elect; not fusion but mutual understanding. Green boards, gold-stamp on spine, 257 pages. Condition: good.

Gmicalzoma: An Enochian Dictionary
Leo Vinci

London: Neptune Press, 1992. In an edition limited to 150 hand-numbered copies, signed by Leo Vinci. Dictionary of the celestial language dictated by angels to Elizabethan magicians John Dee and Edward Kelley. ‘Gmicalzoma’ in this language means ‘in the power and presence’ — giving the title of the dictionary. Concludes with a chapter on the thirty aethers or ‘aires’. The introductory essays are helpful: biographical notes on Dee and Kelley, the structure of the language, and a guide to pronunciation. The author is a long-term practitioner of this system of magic, now in his seventies. Green buckram cover with gold stamps, 136 pages, b/w illustrations. Condition: fine.

The Ninth Arch
Kenneth Grant

Starfire, 2002. Edition of 1000 copies. Fine condition, in fine dustwrapper.

Cults of the Shadow
Kenneth Grant

Muller, 1975. Grant’s hugely influential book which exposed and promulgated now-widely explored concepts: Afro-Tantric Kalas, Draconian Cult of Ancient Khem (Egypt), Typhon, Crowley, Frater Achad, Michael Bertiaux, La Couleuvre Noire and Austin Osman Spare. All in Grant’s unique perspective. Hardback with dustwrapper. Condition: G+ / VG.

Practical Sigil Magic: Creating Personal Symbols for Success
[Austin Osman Spare] Frater U. D.

Llewellyn, 1991. Out-of-print guide to Austin Osman Spare’s sigilisation magical technique. One reviewer sums it up: “Frater U.D. has performed a great service in making Austin Osman Spare’s works comprehensible to the average magickal practitioner, such as myself. All one needs for this type of magick is a pen and paper, as well as the desire to perform a five-second ritual to implant one’s wish into one’s subconscious.” Paperback VG.

SSOTBME: An Essay on Magic
Ramsay Dukes (as Lemuel Johnstone)

Self-published, 1979. Clever, philosophical, and provocative work by one of the leading lights of the chaos magick movement. A prime mover in challenging ideologies, Ramsay Dukes here laid out provocative ideas and questions which proved influential in the following decade. First edition, paperback, Good condition, some foxing.

The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy
Cornelius Agrippa (attrib.)

Trident Books, 2003. The Fourth Book is a 16th-century grimoire for summoning spirits. It includes descriptions of planetary spirits, angels and demons; tools, ceremony and methods for summoning, commanding and dismissing these beings. This edition provides a corrected edition (with footnotes) of Robert Turner’s famoust translation of the text into English, and includes Turner’s original marginalia. Turner’s Greek is here corrected, translated and elucidated by Professor Marc Huys. Deluxe edition limited to 250 hand-humbered copies of which this is no. 20. An extraordinay copy – very rare white vellum cover, raised bands, gilt stamped; marbled end papers; black slip case. New.

>Resonate with Stillness: Daily Contemplations
Swami Muktananda, Swami Chidvilasananda

Daily contemplations from the Siddha Masters. Paperback in near fine condition.

>Blast Your Way to Megabucks
Ramsay Dukes

Revelations 23 Press, 1992. Essays by one of the brightest and most creative magicians of the 1980s movement, whose work has been profoundly influential, and whose fiercely intelligent humour set the tone for a decade. Collectible work in excellent condition. PB, near fine.

Azoetia: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft
Andrew Chumbley
Xoanon, 2002. Sethos Standard edition. Hollen green boards, gold stamping, 366pp, limited to 484 hand-numbered copies. Fine condition.

Fiona McLeod
The Washer of the Ford

The Celtic Library, 1896. William Sharp was a Scottish writer, of poetry and literary biography in particular, who from 1893 wrote also as Fiona MacLeod, a pseudonym kept almost secret during his lifetime. During his MacLeod period, Sharp was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Very good condition. Dark blue boards with gold text, slightly dulled on spine and some marking and curling at edges, binding tight and pages clean.

Raising Spirits, Making Gold and Swapping Wives
[John Dee] Michael Wilding

Subtitle: The True Adventures of Dr John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley. For Dee fanatics and Enochian practitioners. Out of print and hard to find. Large-format Softback, VG.

The Legend of Maya Deren
VeVe Clark, et al.

Full title: The Legend of Maya Deren: a Documentary Biography and Collected Works : Volume I (consisting of Parts One and Two). In two volumes. Amazing biography and filmography of the legendary voudiniste and experimental film-maker. Anthology Film Archives: New York, 1984. First edition. As new. HB with DW. VG+ / Near fine. Keywords: Voudon, voodoo, vodou, Haiti.

>Confessions of Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley (ed. John Symonds and Kenneth Grant)

London: Routledge Kegan 1986 [1979]. Crowley’s vivid and engaging autobiography, filled with tales of magic, travel, derring-do. HB with dw, VG.

High Magic’s Aid
Gerald Gardner

First edition. London: Michael Houghton, 1949. Gardner’s witchcraft and ceremonial magic novel. This classic relates the story of a witch and a ceremonial magician in the middle ages, complete with adventure, evil enemies, and rituals. Illustrations by Gardner on endpapers. Black boards. G+/VG, no dustwrapper.

Liber Niger Legionis: the Grimoire of Pharaon
The Stones of the 33 sigils of the Legion

These 33 stones were used in the First recension of the Pharaonic workings, in various infernal rites and operations using the Liber Niger Legionis. Upon these stones are depicted the 33 sigils of the infernal host of the legion of daimone. These stones were collected from particular sites pertinent to the conjuration of the various daimone at which legionary conjurations were performed. They were used in evocation and communion, to extraordinary effect. They are particularly dedicated to the manifestation of the daimone in chosen physical locations.

Liber Niger Legionis: the Grimoire of Pharaon
Author’s Pre-Publication Copy – Hand Sigilised

Author’s own pre-publication copy of Liber Niger Legionis, heat-set tape-bound in 2003. It is entirely hand-sigilised by the author. Prior to its binding, copies of the manuscript were sent to the publisher; this is the original. The back page is extensively sigilized as part of a working of retroactive magic. The first publication of Liber Niger Legionis, with a small Canadian printing house, is a tale in itself. Rarely does an author make a first printing of a book to be only 36 copies, but this indeed what the author commanded, each of the copies being dedicated to the manifestation into the world of one of the demons in its legion of 33, along with 3 hidden daimone whose unnamed presence established the key to the continuity of the system. This grimoire is consecrated to the similarly secret parent daimon of that small, first legion of grimoires and is thereby also devoted to the author’s personal familiar spirit.

Liber Niger Legionis: the Grimoire of Pharaon
Infernal Glyphs of Divination

Of the various crossroads which came to be significant in workings with this grimoire, one was the site where many of the conjurations elucidated in the Liber Niger Legionis were actually first performed. From this same crossroads, whose location must not be publicly disclosed, were collected these 33 stones which the author used for personal divinatory work throughout the creation of the grimoire until the present. Described in the book as the Infernal Glyphs, these symbols are keys to unlock the infernal powers apprehended through diverse altered states of consciousness and manifold transformations of sorcerous awareness. The stones were not only used almost continuously for divination during this intense phase, and in conjunction with the grimoire itself, but also in correlation with various other magical systems in the author’s personal work. The purchaser of these items will also receive a typed copy of some of the author’s personal notes considering the idiosyncrasies of this system when used in a variety of divinatory contexts.

Liber Niger Legionis, the Grimoire of Pharaon
First Bound Copy Ever – author’s personal copy

This book has been an underground cult hit since it was published in 2004. The first runs, of 36 and 72 copies respectively, were shared round by enough people for the material to make an enormous impact. The Liber Niger Legionis was hailed at the first original demonic grimoire in two centuries, and has been called the most influential practical grimoire of the left hand path to come out in 50 years

This Grimoire established the basis of the author’s rites and presented them in a form suitable for initiatory transmission and collective legionary evocation and invocation. . The group around the anonymous author of the Grimoire of Pharaon in the early 2000s, worked intensively and intensely, and they experienced remarkable, sometimes startling results. In the Grimoire are sorceries inspired by diverse environments: be they forgotten or popular graveyards in the dead of night, isolated diabolical temples consecrated in burnt-out churches, chalk circles in abandoned squats, urban crossroads thronged with the legions of the living (and the living dead), or gothic theatres of the transgressive or indulgent. Spaces in-between, behind, and unexpectedly within all provided crossroads of egress and ingress.

This book is the author’s own original ritual copy, the very first copy of Liber Niger Legionis ever bound. During an extended infernal rite, the author hand-sigilized the entire work with a quill pen and ink. These variant sigils, in a few cases slightly more detailed and/or free-form than the published sigils, have never been reproduced anywhere else, and never will be. This copy is also sigilized on the inside front cover. The author, in preparing this copy, immolated an original entirely hand-written copy in a daemonic rite, and then used the ashes of the burnt manuscript to mark the inside front page and inside front cover of this copy with an infernal sigil, as well as mark the sigil hand-drawn on the title page. It was bound in 2002 on the Winter Solstice. It is spiral-bound with a black soft, scale-textured cover.

The Book of the Shield
Raex the Berserk

Subtitled “A Style of Ancient Saxon Religion and Wytchecrafte.” London: Catweasel Press, 1982. Illustrated by Harold Arthur MacNeil. Prepared by the Coven of the White Hart and the Coven of Barnsdale. Introductory essay by Aelric the Bold, Highgate Coven Master of London, England. A guide to the Traditional witchcraft order ‘The Shield’. The introduction includes a long purported history of the order which is of traditional witchcraft lineage as opposed to wiccan roots. Tools, rites, inititions, workings, philosophy. The leader of the group is male and the primary deity is also male — a horned god. Fascinating to think of a group of this type in North London (Highgate) in the late 1970s. Small Black leather book, 33 pages. Binding by Ars Obscura Press. Limited to an edition of 500 copies. Fine copy of this scarce title. £70.

The Magical Battle of Britain
Dion Fortune (introduction by Gareth Knight)

Society of the Inner Light, 1993. Near-fine paperback of this sought after, out of print, title. Paperback, near fine, 162 pp.

Andew Chumbley

Xoanon, 2002. Deluxe, Sethos Edition. Limitation of 44 deluxe copies, hand-numbered, quarter bound in natural goatskin and green cloth gilt stamped with a design variant from the trade edition. It has a red silk place-ribbon. The book comes in a stout slipcase with another design gilt stamped. The limitation page is numberd in the author’s hands and has sigils and dedication inbscription hand drawn. Frontispiece and preliminaries + ix + 365pp with many original striking illustrations. Quality paper sheets hand bound in gilt stamped emerald buckram. This copy is missing talismans with which it was orignally issued. This copy personally sigilised for, and formerly owned by, a member of Chumbley’s circle of associates.

Leaves of Yggdrasil: A Synthesis of Runic Gods, Magic, Feminine Mysteries, Folklore
Freya Aswynn

Self-published, 1988. Signed by the author and dated 3 September 1988, presumably at the book launch date.
The very rare first edition, in VG condition. Neat pencil and pen underlinings on approximately 30 of the pages. A magician’s working copy but overall well-kept otherwise.

The Satyr’s Sermon
Andrew Chumbley

Xoanon, 2009. A work by Chumbley, founder of the Cultus Sabbati, completed 2005, published postumously. The ‘sermons’ are aphorisms with accompanying sigils. Small format, quarter-leather, in slipcase. Standard edition, limited to 333 copies.

The Extract Tables of Rotalo [Rotilio]
No author

Horary Astrology / Divination Autograph Text. Probably early nineteenth-century autograph copy of an astrological mathematical/lunar manuscript. It is a practitioner’s book of horary / electional astrology materials and examplars. No other copy found – making this an extremely scarce text. The Tables of Rotalo are mentioned in the correspondence between two Golden Dawn members, WA Ayton and FL Gardner (Ellic Howe, Alchemist of the Golden Dawn). The text, though not necessarily this copy, is associated with early Victorian occultist Frederick Hockley, who worked for some time for John Denley, the famed esoteric bookseller.

Manuscript, 79 pages, 4to, half leather, worn, raised bands, title sp. gt, marbled end papers, hinge strain, text good. The text is mainly on the recto but there are additional notes and diagrammes on many versos. Several unpaginated pages with notes and diagrammes at the end.

Maxine: The Witch Queen
Maxine Sanders

Star Books, 1976. Early ghost-written autobiography of Maxine Sanders, with several pages of black-and-white photographs. It sheds great insight into the mythos of the Alexandrian witchraft movement of the early 1970s in Britain. The issues, characters and magical impetus have been studied in Ronald Hutton’s seminal historical work, Triumph of the Moon. This book is raw source material, long out of print. This book is also the rightful companion document to accompany Maxine Sanders’ recent autobiography (Fire Child). Mass paperback, good condition.

Crowley on Christ
Francis King

C.W. Daniel, 1974. VG Hardback in VG+ dustwrapper.

Pang Tao (Flat Peaches) Eight Fairies Festival
A festival held on the 3rd , of the 3rd, lunar month in honor of the Goddess Hsi-Wang-Mu. No date, text English and Chinese, with 10 hand -colored illustrations mounted on silk. Accordian fold. Gilt edge top and lower page edges. Wood covers 1/4″ thick= size 6″x8″ with Chinese emblem incised on cover and jade paint fillin. Very good condition.

Nox Anthology: Dark Doctrines
Sennitt, Stephen and Gareth Hewitson-May

Limited edition. Yorkshire: New World Publishing, 1991. No 102, limited numbered, of 750. Collection of essays on magic, by practitioners. Cntributors include Stephen Sennitt, Gareth Hewitson-May, Linda Falorio, John Beal, D. M. Mitchell, Phil Hine, Simon James Davies, Nicholas Schreck, Ian Blake, Frater Eldritch, Ramsay Dukes, A. C. Evans, Genesis P-Orridge, Thessalonius Loyola. A very scarce chaos magick title. Pb, G+/VG.

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