LAShTAL.COM: Technical Assistance Sought

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LAShTAL.COM is based on Postnuke CMS technology, which really is beginning to show its age and is no longer supported.

Regular visitors will be aware that a member of the site, prominent in Joomla development, kindly offered to migrate LAShTAL.COM to a more modern platform. Unfortunately. things didn’t work out (his requirement to take part in National Service can’t have helped!) and I find it necessary once again to seek the assistance of suitably qualified members…
To make it absolutely clear, I’m not looking for assistance in respect of moderation of the site, including its forums, and a lack of detailed knowledge of Aleister Crowley needn’t be a bar to participation. I’m unable to offer any payment for the substantial work that will be required to migrate the site to Joomla or Drupal so this work will appeal only to those of you who feel that participation is its own reward. I need to replicate the contents of LAShTAL.COM in its entirety, including URLs.

If you are suitably qualified and would like to help in the next phase of LAShTAL.COM in its growth towards world domination, please email the site’s editor and owner.

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