Sherlock Holmes and Aleister Crowley

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“Moonstone Presents Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Vol. 2”

“Return of the Devil” and “The Loch Ness Horror”
Writer: Martin Powell
Art: Seppo Makinen
Cover: Tim Seelig

From Silver Bullet Comics

TWO TANTALIZING TALES OF THE GREAT DETECTIVE IN ONE VOLUME by the Eisner nominated team behind “Scarlet by Gaslight”!

First, in “Return of the Devil”: The many drug addicts of London have fallen victim to a poisonous supply of cocaine, trapping Sherlock Holmes himself within its deadly grip. The Great Detective is submerged into a world of nightmares where the evil Professor Moriarty still lives, and Holmes’ dream of love with Irene Adler, “The Woman”, seems to have become a reality. Holmes must do battle against his very soul, at last facing his most terrible enemy. Himself.

Then, in “The Loch Ness Horror” (never before seen in its entirety!), a sequel to RETURN OF THE DEVIL: Lured out of retirement, Holmes is called upon by the Vatican to investigate the bizarre murder of a priest. He swiftly deduces that this is no ordinary crime, and that an immensely powerful holy relic has been stolen from the secret vaults. Aleister Crowley, the self proclaimed “Most Wicked Man in the World”, casts his evil designs against all humanity in a mad scheme to arouse Doomsday. All the while, Dr. Watson returns to Baskerville Hall, where something demonic is once again haunting the fog-shrouded moors.

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