Ecpyrosis: Best of Starfire Volume One

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Ecpyrosis is a selection of articles and artwork from Volume One of Starfire – that is, the first five issues. Work on the typesetting of this long-awaited and much-anticipated selection is now nearing completion. It should be ready for the printers at the end of this month, for publication in December 2010.

One of the highlights of these early issues of Starfire was The Babalon Working in issue 3, consisting of an introductory essay on Jack Parsons followed by The Book of Babalon, his account of the Babalon Working. Until recently it was uncertain whether The Book of Babalon could be included in the selection. I’m delighted to say, however, that we have since secured permission from the present copyright holder, the Parsons-Cameron Foundation, for its republication in Ecpyrosis.

Further details of this title can be found in the News section of our website,, a link from which will give details of the content.

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