Aleister Crowley: Invocation Of Hoor

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The Invocation of Hoor by Aleister Crowley

Introduction & Commentary by Marcus Katz

The entire transcript of Crowley’s original 1904 notebook from Cairo and Boleskine House charting the magic throughout the reception of The Book of the Law.

Contains unpublished Tarot material, 40 years prior to the Book of Thoth, rare archive photographs, and an Aleister Crowley Timeline.


GJY Notes
Invocation of Hoor
A Brief Interlude on Ancient Egyptian
Ritual B2
To Obtain LVX
Beelzebub Working
Tarot Notes
The Book of Results
A Note on Stele

Appendix 1: An Aleister Crowley Timeline
Appendix 2: The Names of the Beast
Appendix 3: Months of March & April, 1904
Appendix 4: The Names of the Servitors of Beelzebub
Reading List

Available here:

It is priced at £6.66 and is 66pp.

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