R T Cole: A Different Kind Of Darkness

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I’ve had the great good fortune to read one of the short stories in R T Cole’s new volume: simply stunning!

A Different Kind of Darkness & Other Intriguing Paranormal Experiences

Evoked by Richard T Cole

ISBN: 1 900962 91 8 — ISBN-13: 978 1 900962 91 9.
Format: Soft Cover. Number of pages – 208. Dimensions – 210mm x 148mm. Illustrations – Greyscale illustrations throughout.

Edition limited to 666 copies.


A ‘try before you buy’ PDF sampler will shortly be posted here.

A haunting compendium of the finest, most thought-provoking, intriguing and chilling true short stories ever to possess a single volume.
I miss the ghosts of my youth. I yearn to feel once again their unnatural caress and shiver at the random horror of lives shattered by inexplicable glimpses of worlds entirely beyond comprehension and experience.

In preparing this compendium of chilling tales, I trawled the dark corridors of my life for singularly inexplicable and thought–provoking occurrences. Indeed, one of these ‘walks on the wild side’ evokes an entirely new monster, one existing, quite literally, beyond the range of human senses – Qualities that, somewhat ironically, faced my powers of description with a fiendish challenge! It is my hope that each recollection, in its own unique way, offers readers a different perspective and perhaps a lateral insight into the diverse manifestations of seemingly inexplicable phenomena collectively known as the paranormal.

Unlikely as it may seem in the sober light of day, I based all scenarios narrated in this book (with two exceptions) on events personally witnessed with my own eyes. So, disconnect your TV and computer, switch off all phones, dim your lights, suspend your disbelief and regress back to a time when ghosts stalked the gloomy byways of our imaginations and blood-curdling screams echoed across dark, misty nights. As England ‘s second-greatest poet once noted – “There are more things in heaven and earth , Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.

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