Ogdoadic Journal of the Western Mysteries, Vol. 1 No. 4

Ordo Astrum Sophiae has just published “The Ogdoadic Journal of the Western Mysteries, Vol. 1 No. 4: Historical Threads of the Ogdoadic Tradition”.
There are a number of references to Crowley within the Journal. Some highlights of this new issue include articles by the Grand Master and the Administrator-General of the OAS, the first part of an exploration of Ficino’s Academy by Thomas Worrel, a previously unpublished ritual which manifests the dynamics of the Regenerative Mysteries in an alchemical context, an analysis by Kerry Wisner of the Ogdoadic significance of the first four plates of the Splendor Solis, and newly discovered poetry of the former Warden of the Ordo Sacri Verbi, Ernest Page.

The Ogdoadic Journal is made available free of charge to all as a gift of the Order and may be downloaded at:


A special thanks to all of the contributors to this issue, whose creativity and leadership has demonstrated the Astrum Sophia’s commitment to innovation and preservation of the Ogdoadic Tradition. May all readers find herein material to inspire and vitalize their own pursuit of the Mysteries!

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