Limited Voudon Gnostic Art Edition

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In his ground-breaking magnum opus ‘The Voudon Gnostic Workbook’ author Michael Bertiaux describes the structure and modus operandi of ‘Le Temple Des Houdeaux’.

Recently David Beth also has written about this temple in his highly acclaimed book ‘Voudon Gnosis’ (2nd revised and expanded edition released by Fulgur Ltd. 2010), adding further information and practical suggestions.

In this book the Vévés of all the eight Lwa forming the magical machine of ‘Le Temple Des Houdeaux’ are revealed and published for the first time (Voudon Gnosis, p. 59). Drawn by the artist and occultist Hagen von Tulien these Vévés represent powerful evocative symbols to open up gates and ways into the Gnostic World of Esoteric Voudon. They are keys to the primordial kingdom of the Soul.

Hagen von Tulien now presents these Vévés in form of a powerful magical mandala which could be used as a machine or engine for the generation of magical powers to energize ones own researches, expeditions and explorations into the fascinating world of the Spirits and the Lwa.

The strictly limited ‘Spider Sorcery Edition’ is limited to 88 hand-numbered copies only, and consists of:

Le Temple des Houdeaux – Limited Edition Print,
40 x 40 x 2 cm, print on canvas, mounted on stretcher-frame [top].

An ORIGINAL talismanic papercut comprising the four major powers of Le Temple des Houdeaux [middle], (will be sold unframed!).

A talisman of Famille Zariguin [bottom].

Each print, papercut and talisman is signed and hand-numbered by the artist.
Only one copy per customer.
EURO 111.00 + p&p

To receive a PDF with all necessary information about the limited ‘Spider Sorcery Edition’ and how to order it please send an email to:

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