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This News item, the latest extraordinary list from Ben at Caduceus Books, needs no introduction, so…


– New Book published by Three Hands Press
– Totemic Invocation of our Shadow Selves
– A couple of Books Relating to the O.T.O.
– Some More Property of a Gentleman
– The Golden Dawn
– – Precursers
– – – Books relating to Societas Rosicrucian et Anglia
– – – Books relating to pre-Golden Dawn Milieu
– – Golden Dawn – Books relating to the Order and its Members
– – Golden Dawn Offshoots and Continuations
– – – Moina Mathers
– – – New Zealand Golden Dawn
– – – A.E. Waite
– – – Paul Foster Case, B.O.T.A.
– – – Dion Fortune, Fraternity of Light
– – – Israel Regardie
– – – The Ciceros
– – Context of the Golden Dawn

Read on: you’ll be glad you did, though your wallet may hate you!
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1) New Book published by Three Hands Press

Robert Fitzgerald, A Gathering of Masks, Three Hands Press 2010, Numbered limited edition of 462pp. Hardback 142pp Coloured endpapers, gilt blocked covers in elegant gold coloured dustwrapper . The author is an initiate of the Cultus Sabbati. Here he presents an Arabic retelling of the Cain mythos. Then “By Seal and Sphere, a Short History of Astral Magic, both texts being precursors to an exploration of Liber 231, being Crowley’s highly abbreviated chart of the Qlipoth of the 22 Hebrew letters/tarot trumps. This exploration is not a question of academic research but rather courageous projection of the consciousness into the astral and the recording of the experience, together with some subsequent commentary. These magical workings, involving the author and a colleague, took a period of ten years to complete. The book is graced with three full-page illustrations by Barry Hale (Liber 49, Fulgur etc.) In Liber 231 Crowley advances two sets of sigils for the Qlipoth, but the clear implication is that more sets are yet to be discovered. The illustrations are mandalas of the Qlipoth, each one a set of sigils, either Crowley’s or the set derived from the workings performed by the author and his colleague. Thelemic Magic and Cultus Sabbati might, superficially, appear quite disparate vectors of occultism, however, there has long been a fundamental interaction with a striking resonance between Crowley’s ritual crucifixion of a frog and the Waters of the Moon ceremony. Of course, a number of articles by Andrew Chumbley were published in Starfire, the journal associated with the Typhonian OTO, which has been most active in realising the magical power potential of the qlipoth. This book is an important manifestation of the interaction between these vectors. Components of one of the mandalas appear upon the dustwrapper.

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2) Jack Macbeth 38, The Totemic Invocation of The Shadow Selves, A Rite of Otherness Entire, Silver Star Associates Star Associates, Samhain 2002. Numbered Limited Edition of 50 copies this being copy number 46. (120pp) Tipped in coloured plates, handsomely decorated endpapers, moulded boards, Coptic binding (the page signatures being held in place by cloth bands that run over the outer edge of the boards and then disappear into a slot to be fixed under the pastedowns. The boards are bound in cloth. Each copy is then loosely wrapped in a piece of leather which, in fact, is the usable portion of a whole calf’s hide. This copy is signed and numbered by the author with a very substantial series of hand drawn decorative sigils with a surprising axiom concerning the nature of magical oaths which some mighht find shocking. Inspired by the work of Carlos Casteneda, Andrew Chumbley, Kenneth Grant and Austin Osman Spare this work describes and is the manifestation of a Rite of Sorcery that is enacted over 5 nights. It involves shape shifting and beyond that the invocation of the Black Man of the Sabbat which is an icon for the Other ie That-Which-Is-Not-I, the Shadow Self or the Negative-I. The intent is to touch real Gnosis. The author notes that “…there is no single text book on the art of sorcery, it is re-invented by each sorcerer regardless of the prior work of others. It is a living system developed and manipulated perpetually to aid the will and desires of the individual” This is exactly what he succeeds in doing with this work. A talismanic production indeed. This particular copy has a variant binding, being in red silk which hugs the moulding of the board in a particularly striking way as well as variant endpapers being a hand made paper with hand printed emblems. Fine Order No. 6203 £800

3) Some Books Relating to the O.T.O.

Achad Osher 583, Red Flame VII, The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley, Oct. 12th 1999ev Large format Card Covs xxx + 190pp Limited to 156 copies. Illus Red Flame has secured for itself the reputation as the premier Thelemic journal in matters of Crowley. This issue sold out within a week or so of publication caused great controversy as it has an impassioned rejection of authoritarian tendencies of the Caliphate OTO. It gives the symbolism of certain words of OTO degrees as communicated to Grady McMurtry by Crowley, but no longer communicated in the Caliphate OTO. It is informed by an A.’.A.’. lineage from Grady McMurtry which enunciates teachings concerning the Thelema which are presented, not as dogma, but as ideas which may or may not be of use. A book with balls! Whilst a substantially rewritten version by the author (aka Jerry Cornelius) has subsequently been issued in a limited edition of 777 copies, serious students will want to compare that work with this, the first edition. Certainly the second edition had more material, however, the pressing question might be if anything was left out! The contents of this book being incredibly contentious, anything that might not be repeated in the subsequent edition will be of great interest. The always weak card binding has been repaired with sellotape along the spine, otherwise Fine Order No. 420040 £250

Jerry & Marlene Cornelius & Others, Red Flame, No.8 Liber Al vel Legis (the Book of the Law), 2000ev Ltd Ed of only 156 copies iv + 210pp Vibrant work of Thelemic research, analysis instructions concerning study of Liber Al to decide the order “the study of the book is forbidden” to be a trope for slaves. Then follows a textual analysis of the ms from a passionately Thelemic viewpoint showing where, in defiance of instructions, Crowley changed far more than the style of a letter! Also includes info re AA after Crowley’s death. A work of historic importance and delicious controversy in the field of Thelemic research which went instantly out of print. Order No. 420041 £350

Theodore Reuss & Aleister Crowley, O.T.O. Rituals & Sex Magick, IHO 1999
Paperback 500pp Illustrated Introduction by Peter Koenig, Compiled by
Anthony Naylor. Gives Crowley’s initiation rituals and the instructional
texts, including the scarce & explicit Emblems & their Modes of Use, the
signs and words of IXth degree, regalia of Xth degree etc. and some
pre-Thelemic versions of O.T.O. Rituals. Also constitutional missives,
allegorical texts & other material, including a considerable amount of
Theodore Reuss material. This controversial book, which is very much out
of print, and is highly sought after. Loosely enclosed original single
sheet flier issued by Caduceus Books describing the contents of the
book. Near Fine Order No. 430047 £350

Tau Apiryon & Soror Helena, Red Flame II, Mystery of Mystery; A Primer
of Thelemic Ecclesiastical Gnosticism, OTO 1st Ed 1998 Large format
card covers. Authors both bishops of the Gnostic Catholic Church and one
is Xth degree OTO (Caliphate). Provides an excellent history of the
Gnostic Catholic Church and an impressive exporation of the Gnostic
Mass, analysing the Greek words and presenting what is known of the
Gnostic saints. Very impressive work Fine Order No. 400013 £100


4) Property of a Gentleman

Kenneth Grant, The Other Child, And Other Stories, Starfire 2003 Deluxe
edition bound in quarter leather and handmade decorated paper, one of 94
numbered copies signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant, Coloured
frontispiece by Steffi Grant 216pp Mint in Fine DW Order No. 480116

Kenneth Grant (Illus. Austin Osman Spare, Convovulus, (including Black
to Black & Gull’s Beak), Starfire 2005 With Drawings By Austin Osman
Spare, Starfire 2005e.v. An. 101, Hardback in dustwrapper188pp This work
reprints Black to Black and Other Poems which was issued by Carfax in
1963 in a rare limited edition as well as the Gull’s Beak and Other
Poems which was published by the Toucan Press in 1970, also very scarce.
However the bulk of the book is the hitherto unpublished collection
entitled Convovulus, Poems of Love and the Other Darkness.
Illustrated with previously unpublished poems by Austin Osman Spare.
These are stylishly reproduced some in green others in monotone, one
juxtaposed with its negative on the opposite page and another reproduced
in negative. The coloured endpapers decorated with a tableaux derived
from Spare’s drawings. The book captures the shades of grey that are so
often lost when Spare’s pencil work is reproduced. It should be noted
that only 750 have been print. , this one signed by Kenneth and Steffi
Grant. This copy wold have been available at the launch party some time
before the deluxes were completed and can be regarded as the true first
edition Mint in Fine DW Order No. 73157 £90

Various, A.O.S. A Celebration, Large Format (12ins x 8is) Paperback 95pp
Coloured Illustrations. Produced for the celebration event of Spare’s
life held on the fiftieth anniversary of his death, copies being given
to those who attended. Proceeds went to the RSPCA, reflecting Spare’s
compassion for animals which manifested in his occultism where he
believed that by “atavistic resurgebce” we may share the powers and
consciousness of animals. This book presents two short memoirs of Spare
by Dennis Bardens and Frank Letchford both describing the artist’s
defence and care of the stray cats plus half a dozen photos of him in
his studio surrounded by the animals. Spare also felt immense compassion
for the working horses around him, painting a series of pictures called
“Horses for Slaughter” two of which are reproduced here. Other original
artwork reproduced in colour shows Spare’s wide range of styles. and
include many images not previously published. Altogether nearly twenty
items of original artwork and ten photographs of the artist are
reproduced plus other material. A number of people who have been
prominent in the raising awareness of the Spare have contributed pieces
which describe how they encountered the art and philosophy of Spare and
its effect upon them:- Rob Ansell; Ruth Bayer; Ossian Brown; Clive
Harper; Phil Hine; David Knight; Carl McCoy; Andrew; Alan Moore; Tony
Naylor; Michael Staley; Caroline Wise This copy is in Fine condition and
has the Invitation (one sheet folded giving 4pp) plus Itinerary (1pp)
and Auction list (1pp) loosely enclosed Order Ref. 20097 £160

David Beth, Voudon Gnosis, Scarlet Imprint, No. 4 of 55 deluxe copies
signed by the author, small format hardback iv + 84pp + (4pp) index.
Marbled endpapers, quarter bound in REAL black snakeskin (previously
misdescribed as being faux), black paper covered boards blindstamped
with snake design, page edges black. Two coloured plates. Succeeds in
making Michael Bertiaux system of esoteric voodism intelligible. Order
No. 680012 £350 now £300

Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft, Xoanon 2002
This copy being number 14 of 22 in the X Series. It is bound in the same
green cloth as the Sethos edition but the gilt blocking on the front
cover is entirely different. The book has black endpapers which reveals
a subtle snakeskin effect on close ionspection. The book is protected by
stout clothbound slipcase. Frontispiece and preliminaries + ix + 365pp
with many original striking illustrations. The author sought expression
for the British Traditional Witchcraft into which he had been initiated.
Oaths of secrecy forbade blatant description of the Cunning-craft so he
drew with insight, upon Ancient Egyptian mythology, Gnosticism, alchemy,
tradtional sorcery, Masonic symbolism, tantra and the work of Austin
Osman Spare to generate a vehicle for its mysteries. These are
enshrouded in a cogent and coherent system of Sabbatic ritual and
sorcery, encompassed by a magical alphabet, that can be utilised for
both spellcraft and the gnosis. All components MInt Order No. 680006
£1500, now £1350

Daniel Schulke, Viridarium Umbris, The Pleasure Garden of Shadows,
Xoanon 2005 Numbered limited edition of 576 (this being copy number
309), (xviii) + 518pp Illustrated. The author is the Magister and
Verdelet of the Cultus Sabbatai, the witchcraft order previously headed
by Andrew Chumbley. This is a beautiful book. Handbound in green in sage
green cloth which shimmers as the leaves of the herb sage do, perhaps
chosen for the reference to wisdom in the name. Copper blocked on the
spine and front board with elegant symbolic decoration designed by the
author whose striking illustrations appear throughout the book. Most of
these illustration depict the genius of particular plants which command
their healing powers. The nature of this herbalism is deeply magical and
occult. The author displays impressive knowledge of herbal lore and
magical practice using plants. This work is an major component of the
corpus of books born of the Cultus Sabbatai, perhaps one of the most
interesting magical witchraft currents operating at the present time. In
terms of number produced, the scarcest of the authors books. Fine Order
No. 680003 £325 Now £295

Austin Osman Spare, The Valley of Fear, Fulgur 2007. Large format (32cm
x 24cm) xi preliminaries and prolegomenon and 20 coloured reproductions
printed on one side of the paper, one forming the frontispiece. The
illustrations are Spare at his best, finely drawn morphing grotesque
figures, strangely beautiful and ugly, inhabit fantasy landscapes. The
reproduction is of the strikingly excellent and impressive aesthetics in
the presentation with textured gold endpapers, top edge gilt, quarter
bound in green morocco goatskin leather, subtly printed dustwrapper in
stout clothbound slipcase. Elegance incarnate. One reproduction has a
4cm scratch, but this is unobtrusive, otherwise all Fine+ Order No.
680013 £500, now £250


5) The Golden Dawn

a) Precursors

(i) The Society Rosicruciana in Anglia was founded c1865 with the same
degree structure that was to be operated by the Golden Dawn, The three
founders of the Golden Dawn, Woodman, Westcott and Mathers were members
of the S.R.I.A. Unlike the G.’.D.’., the S.R.I.A. is Masonic, so
membership is restricted to men, and Christian. The S.R.I.A. continues
to be active. The works give the impression the Order operates to
provide its members with a vehicle for serious and thoughtful enquiry
into Rosicrucianism and esotericism generally.

Anon, Fame and Confession of Fraternity of Rosy Cross, S.R.I.A. Hardback
Privatley Printed 1988 64pp + 27pp + (64pp) + 64pp. Has Preface & Short
Declaration of their Physicall Work by Eugenius Philalethes, F.N.Pryce’s
Intro, Notes & Trans. Of the Adam Haselmeyer’s letter Notarius Publicus
to Archduke Maximilian. Preface by R.A.Gilbert. J.Heron Lepper’s
Problems of the Fama which was written in 1923 and circulated within the
S.R.I.A. Fine inVery Good DW Order No. 690158 £45

Anon., A List of Papers, Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, Not dated
(c1950?) 6pp leaflet, lists 261 papers and authors available to borrow
from the library. Very instructive as to Soc. Ros. Interests, a number
by Westcott listed. Good+ Order No. 690223 £15

Frater E. Hugo Ball, The Gnostic Thread, Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia
Series No.15, Privately Printed 1989 39 leaves printed on one side,
printed card covers Fine Order No. 690220 £35

Fra. Tom Bancroft, World in Chaos, Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia
Series No.11, Privately Printed 1988 20 leaves printed on one side,
printed card covers Fine Order No. 690221 £30

Frater H.C. Booth, Secrets of Nature and Science, Societas Rosicruciana
in Anglia. Newcastle College, 1928 19pp leaflet Very Good Order No.
690228 £15

David R. Clark, The Cross and its Symbolism, Societas Rosicruciana in
America, Not dated 18pp card covered booklet, relatively recent
republication of Newcastle College of the Societas Rosicruciana in
Anglia paper privately printed in 1994 Fine Order No. 690258 £10

T.M. Greensill, History of the S.R.I.A., Privately Printed 1987 Card
covers (x) + 289pp Written in celebration of 120th anniversary of the
Order’s foundation. Illustrated. Comprehensive and difficult to obtain
history Fine Order No. 690154 £75

Fra. H. Bertram Harding, The Occult in Buddhism, Societas Rosicruciana
in Anglia Series No.4, Privately Printed 1988 23 leaves printed on one
side, printed card covers Fine Order No. 690219 £30

Fra. Cecil Potter Potter, Position of the Tarot in the Cabalistic
System, Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia Series No.9, Privately Printed
1988 28 leaves printed on one side, printed card covers Fine Order No.
690218 £30

Frater C. E. Schroeder, A Lecture. Our Founder C.R., Societas
Rosicruciana in Anglia. Newcastle College, 1925 9pp leaflet Very Good
Clean copy Order No. 690226 £15

Frater C. E. Schroeder, A Lecture. Our Founder C.R., Societas
Rosicruciana in Anglia. Newcastle College, 1925 9pp leaflet Very Good
Clean copy Order No. 690225 £15

Frater C. E. Schroeder, A Lecture. The Origin of Rosicrucianism and
Freemasonry, Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Newcastle College, 1927
7pp leaflet Very Good Order No. 690227 £15

Various, Clavicula Rosicruciana Nos. I to V, Societas Rosicruciana in
Anglia, Late 1880s Each is a printed 4pp leaflet bar No.I which is
present in photocopy only. No. I William Robert Woodman IX degree
Supreme Magus – Explanation of the Rosicrucian Certificate and the Seal
of the Supreme Magus with Kabbalistic Notes. No.II Frater S.L.
MacGregor-Mathers IX degree – The Symbolism of the Four Ancients. No.III
William Robert Woodman IXth Degree – the Ten S-epheroth or Emanations of
the Deity according to the Kabbalah of the Hebrew Philosophers. IV
Woodman- Berasheeth. No.V Anon.- Lecture on the religious Symbolism of
the Four Pillars Very Good Order No. 690224 £55

(ii) Books relating to the Pre Golden Dawn Milieu

Frederick Hockley, Rosicrucian Seer, Magical Writings of Frederick
Hockley, Aquarian 1986 Paperback 221pp. Ed. & Intro. John Hamill.
Hockley was a major influence on the Golden Dawn, this work provides
much information concerning the occult sub-culture that the Golded Dawn
emerged from Cover somewhat creased Good+ Order No. 690152 £8

Frederick Holland, Sanctum Sanctorum, The Holy of Holies, Holmes 1999
43pp Bklt Ed. Darcy Kuntz. Author was a founder of Society of Eight, an
esoteric society which included Mathers, Westcott, Yarker, Hockley &
Mackenzie, an influence upon the Golden Dawn. This work presents the
Temple Rebuilt & the Revelation of Shekinah, important works of esoteric
fringe masonry. Signed by Darcy Kuntz, the editor Fine Order No. 690257

Ellic Howe, Fringe Masonry in England 1870 – 1885, Holmes 1997 Card
covered booklet 64pp Edited by Darcy Kuntz, this copy signed and
inscribed by him. Rite of Memphis; Rite of Mizraim; Mackenzie &
Rosicrucian Society; Frates Luces; Hermetic Order of Egypt; Order of
Ishmael; Sat B’Hai etc Fine Order No. 690276 £13.50

Various, The Ancient Texts of the Golden Rosicrucians, Vol. I, Golden
Dawn Research Trust 2007. Numbered limited Edition of 250 192pp
Hardback. Edited by Darcy Kuntz. It presents two texts informative
about the German Rosicrucianism currents which informed the foundation
of the Golden Dawn. One is the first ever publication translation into
English of the Rosicrucian Exposed by Magister Pianco (Hans Heinrich
von Ecker und Eckhoffen). This was originally issued in in Amsterdam in
1782. The writer was an initiated member of the Golden Rosicrucians, a
fraternity founded in 1757 which spread throughout Germany becoming
associated with freemasonry until it operated as a higher degree
structure for the Craft. In 1780 Magister Pianco left the Godlen
Rosicrucians to found a rival organisation called Die Ritter des Lichts
of Knights of Light, later known as the Asiatic Bretheren. A year later
he published this expose and attack on his previous Order and its head
Phoebron (Dr. Bernhard Jospeh Schleiss von Lowenfeld). Obviously has has
an axe to grind and a considerable agenda, never-the-less he gives
considerable information about the beliefs and practices of the Order.
The second text presented is Themis Aurea, the Laws of the Fraternity of
the Rosie Cross by Michael Maier. This was first published in 1618. It
was heavily borrowed from in 1710 and 1714 when Samuel Richter
published the perfect and True Preparation of the Philosopher’s Stone
according to the Secret of the Golden Rosicrucians. This book was
influential upon the revival of Rosicruciansim and alchemy in 18th
century Germany giving the Golden Rosicrucians their name and they, in
turn, inspired the name of the Golden Dawn. Mint in Fine DW Order No.
690270 £25

b) Books Relating to the Golden Dawn and its Members

Anon, The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript, Holmes 1996 Paperback
192pp Deciphered, Translated & Edited by Darcy Kuntz (this copy
inscribed and signed by him). Introduction by R.A. Gilbert. Provides
facsimile of the Cipher manuscripts plus translation, also very well
informed introductions Fine Order No. 690148 £15

Rev.W.A. Ayton, Alchemist of the Golden Dawn, Letters of the Revd.
W.A.Ayton to F.C.Gardner & Others 1886-1905. Ed.Ellic Howe, Aquarian
1985 1st Ed OP Paperback 112pp. Of particular interest as Ayton was the
head of the English branch of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor Spine
creased some wear Good Order No. 690151 £25

H.R. Bachchan, W.B. Yeats and Occultism, A Study of his Works in
Relation to Indian Lore, the Cabbala, Swedenborg and Theosophy, Weiser
1974 Hardback 296pp foldout Very Good in clipped rubbed and chipped DW
Order No. 690135 £25

J.W. Brodie-Innes, The Astrology of the Golden Dawn, Holmes 1996 44pp
card covered booklet edited by Darcy Kuntz. Introdction Anthony Fleming
Fine Order No. 690245 £12

S.L.MacGregor Mathers & J.W. Brodie-Innes, The Sorcerer and His
Apprentice, Unknown Hermetic Writings of S.L.MacGregor Mathers & J.W
Brodie-Innes, Aquarian 1983 1st Ed Paperback 224pp Mathers writes
concerning the Kabbalah, Azoth, the Qlippoth, Tarot, Rosicrucian Ritual
of the Relation between Chess and Tarot etc, Brodie-Innes writes about
Witchcraft, Celtic Mysteries, The Tatwas, Occult Symbolism etc Creases
along spine, slight wear to edges of card covers Some wear but Very
Good copy Order No. 690150 £30

Percy Bullock et al (Ed. Darcy Kuntz), Hermetic Papers of the Golden
Dawn, Holmes 1998 1st Ed 43pp card covered booklet. Percy Bullock –
Hermetic Philosophy / Occultism Past and Present; J.W. Brodie-Innes –
The Hermetic System; Edward Maitland – Hermetic Books This copy signed
and inscribed by Darcy Kuntz Fine Order No. 690239 £12

Florence Farr, Magic of A Symbol, Holmes 1996 Card covered booklet 44pp
Edited by Darcy Kuntz (this copy signed and inscribed by him) Some
diagrams. Highly rated work on symbolism Fine Order No. 690250 £12

Florence Farr, The Enochian Experiments of the Golden Dawn, Holmes 1996
Card covered booklet 36pp Edited, Introduction & Notes by Darcy Kuntz.
Illus. The Sphere group of the Golden Dawn explored first Egyptian and
then Grail symbolism before astrally investigating the Enochian letters.
This work presents the record of these workings plus two statements by
Florence Farr to Golden Dawn members about the Sphere Group whose work
was controversial in the the Order Fine Order No. 690251 £12

Florence Farr & Olivia Shakespear, The Serpent’s Path, Magical Plays of
Florence Farr, Holmes 2001 1st Ed 48pp card covered booklet signed by
the editor Darcy Kuntz. Four plays “Beloved of Hathor” first perfomred
1901 at the inauguration of the Egyptian Society which was headed by M.
W.Blackden who, like Farr was a memberof the Golden dawn and also a
member of her Golden Dawn group. “Shrine of the Golden Hawk”, also
co-authored by Shakespear, was performed a number of times inclduing a
production at the Theosophical Congress of 1905. They were revived in
1993 by the esteemed Company of Hathor at the Rudolf Steiner Theatre in
London. “The Mystery of Time” was performed in 1905 at the Albert Hall
and “Dialogue of a Vision” appears never to have been perfomed. There
was a considerable overlap between the Golden Dawn and theatre, this
publication is of interest in making available an easily overlooked
aspect of this interaction. Very slight marks to covers near Fine Order
No. 690253 £10

Dr. R.W. Felkin, Inner Order Tarot Trumps, (re Golden Dawn), Portal
Publications 2005 Large format 26pp card covered booklet, homely
production values. Numbered limited edition of 200 signed by publisher.
Diagrams of cards which have some variations to published designs. Also
some comment is reproduced mark to cover Very Good+ Order No. 690262

R.A. Gilbert, Golden Dawn, Twilight of the Magicians, Aquarian 1983
Concise & scholarly account drawing on original documents Includes
Orders Historical Lecture & whole text of the infamous “Anna Sprengel”
Letters 144pp paperback Wear to edges Good Order No. 690127 £12

R.A. Gilbert, Golden Dawn Companion, A Guide to the History, Structure &
Workings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden dawn, Aquarian 1986
Paperback xi + 212pp Invaluble research too, difficult to obtain as
owners are so loathe to let go of it! Gives names & addresses of
members, history of lodges, magical mottos etc Very Good + Order No.
690080 £25

R.A. Gilbert, Golden Dawn Scrapbook, The Rise & Fall of a Magical Order,
Weiser 1997 paperback Coloured Pls & many Illus 200pp Excellent text by
premier Golden Dawn researcher Fine Order No. 690180 £15

R.A. Gilbert, Revelations of the Golden Dawn, Rise & Fall of a Magical
Order, Quantum 1997 Many Illus some coloured Rich in information.
Paperback 200pp Very Good Order No. 690148 £10

George Mills Harper, Yeat’s Golden Dawn, The Influence of the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn on the Life & Art of W.B.Yeats, Aquarian 1987
Paperback x + 322pp Some wear Good Order No. 690132 £10

Darcy Kuntz, A Bibliography, Golden Dawn Source Works 3, Holmes 1996 1st
Ed 48pp card covered booklet. Signed inscription by the author. Very
useful work Fine Order No. 690252 £10

Darcy Kuntz, The Golden Dawn Source Book, Holmes 1996 Paperback 223pp
Pref. By R.A. Gilbert. Reproduces correspondence between founders and
prominent members of the GD, also early articles concerning the Order.
Percursors of the GD – Ron Heisler; Origins of GD – Francis King; Modern
Scholarship & GD – Gerald Suster; Deeper Roots of the GD – Rafal Prinke;
Daybreak, Early History & Origins of the GD – Richard Kaczynski;; Aurora
Mysteriorium – Gareth Medway. A comprehensive cross index of members’
names & mottos. This copy signed by the author Fine Order No. 690187

Mary Greer & Darcy Kuntz, The Chronology of the Golden Dawn, Being a
Chronological History of a Magical Order 1378 – 1994, Holmes 1999 Card
covered booklet 52pp This copy signed by Darcy Kuntz. Excellent and
informative work Fine Order No. 690232 £12

W. Wynn Westcott & Moina Mathers, The Golden Dawn Court Cards, Holmes
1996 1st Ed Card covered booklet 36pp Introductory Notes Anthony
Fleming, Edited with Notes by Darcy Kuntz. First publiscation of these
drawings which significantly differ from other versions presented as the
Golden Dawn tarot but in fact deriving from Stella Matutina sources.
Some relevant papers inclduing one by Allan Bennett are appended Fine
Order No. 690234 £15

S.L. MacGregor Mathers & Others, The Secret Knowledge of the Neophyte,
Holmes 1997 Card covered booklet 40pp Edited and introduced by Darcy
Kuntz, this copy signed and inscribed by him. The others being Robert &
Harriet Felkin; Paul Foster Case; Lilli Geise Fine Order No. 690238 £10

Works by S.L. Mathers & Others, Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn, Destiny
1997 Paperback 287pp Presents the Golden dawn Flying Rolls, plus other
material Fine Order No. 690086 £6

S.L.MacGregor Mathers et al, The Golden Dawn Legacy of MacGregor
Mathers, Holmes 1998 1st Ed 44pp card covered booklet Edited and
Introduced by Darcy Kuntz, this copy signed by him. Presents obscure
texts by & relating to Mathers such as:- The General Misconception of
the One-ness of True Occultism however Varied its Masks; Theoricus
Adeptus Minor Manifest; Real and True Rosicrucian Order; Moina Mathers –
On the Objects of a Rosicrucian Order; obituaries by Elsa Barker,
A.E.Waite, J.W. Brodie-Innes; Two Pupils and a Master – Ithel Colquhoun
Fine Order No. 690247 £12

Poke Runyon (decyphered and annotated by), Secrets of the Golden Dawn
Cypher Manuscript, Church of Hermetic Sciences 2000. Large format
paperback, vi + 248pp. Coloured frontispiece. Forward by Pat Zalewski.
Author founded O.T.A. which bases its ritual on the 18th Crata Repoa
Masonic rite and works with Canaan mythos. This copy carries sugned
inscription by author to Steve Savedow, author of Goetic Invocation and
Magician’s Workbook Fine Order No. 690172 £90

R.G. Torrens, Golden Dawn, The Inner Teachings, Weiser 1980 Paperback
208pp slight spoting to edges of pages but Some wear to cover Good
Order No. 690182 £6

Various, Secret Workings of the Golden Dawn, Book ‘T’ The Tarot, Helios
1967 No. Ltd Ed of No. 152 of 200 Large format hardback 149pp Some
diagrams Comprising ms N,O,P,Q,R & an unlettered T.A.M. Instruction By
Frater S.R.M.D. (Mathers) & Others. Has considerable information Rare
concerning relationship of card to the heaven, Tree of Life as Projected
in a Solid Sphere by S.R.M.D. etc. Very slight foxing to page edges
Very Good Order No. 690170 £60

Robert Wang, An Introduction to the Golden Dawn Tarot, Including the
Original Documents on the Tarot from the Order of the Golden Dawn with
Explanatory Notes, Weiser 1992 Paperback 158pp Fine Order No. 690091 £6

W. Wynn Westcott, Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn, Holmes 1997 Card covered
booklet 36pp Edited and introduced by Darcy Kuntz, this copy signed and
inscribed by him. MacGregor Mathers “Preface to the Kabbalah” is
reproduced as a preface to the Westcott texts which were originally
published in a Theosophical journal or given as lectures Fine Order No.
690236 £10

William Wynn Westcott (Translated), Sepher Yetzirah, Holmes 1996 56pp
card covered booklet Edited, revised, notes and bibliography by Darcy
Kuntz and signed by him. Unobtrusive mark to front cover Very Goog
Order No. 690252 £8

Steven Ashe, The Complete Golden Dawn Initiate, Glastonbury Books 2007
Paperback 586pp Fine Order No. 690150 £15

c) Continuations of the Golden Dawn

(i) After her husband’s death Moina Mathers operated the Temple of Alpha
and Omega, an offshoot of the Golden Dawn.

E.J. Langford Garstin, Theurgy of the Hermetic Practice, A Treatise on
Spiritual Alchemy, Ibis 2004 Paperback 144pp Fine Order No. 690085 £5

E.J. Langford-Garstin, Aspects of Occultism, Holmes 1998 Card covered
booklet 40pp Edited and introduced by Darcy Kuntz. Presents the
following texts:- Secrecy in Occultism; Kings of Edom; the
Physio-Philosophy of Lorenz Oken, the Conversion of Spirit into Nature;
the Value of Historical Backgrounds in the Study of Philosoph and
Religion Fine Order No. 690239 £10

Moina Mathers, Adeptus Major, Being the Transformation from 5=6 to 6=5
(relevant to Golden Dawn), Portal Publications 2005 Large format 32pp
card covered booklet, homely production values. Numbered limited edition
of 200 signed by publisher. The ceremony includes the following
points:- The Opening; The Symbolic Transport Journey; The First Point;
Paths of the Degree of Adeptus Major; The Obligation; The Prayer at the
Gate; The Second Point of the Office of the holy Guard; Ritual of the
S.O.S.; Temple Locking Fine Order No. 690254 £12

(ii) One of the most active continuations of the Golden Dawn operated in
New Zealand, initially under Felkin. Golden Dawn teachings were expanded
and extended in Temples operating there.

Anon, Notes of an Adept, Being the Outline and Study of the Grade
Zelator Adeptus Minor, Portal Publications 2005 Card covers large format
17pp reproduction of typescript dated 1898 for members in New Zealand
giving the adeptus Minor curriculam with list of Flying Rolls etc.
Homely production values Fine Order No. 690271 £8

Robert Ellwood, Islands of the Dawn, University of Hawaii P. 1993
Hardback vii + 283pp . Has 29pp on Golden Dawn in New Zealand Fine in
Fine DW Order No. 690104 £10

Pat Zalewski worked closely with members of the Whare Ra Temple,
taking initiations with oaths adjusted so that he could publish and
thereby preserve the teachings

Pat Zalewski, Golden Dawn Enochian Magic, Llewellyn 1990 Paperback
xxviii + 190pp slight wear to covers Good + Order No. 690141 £8

Pat Zalewski, Inner Order Teachings of the Golden Dawn, Thoth 2006
Paperback 272pp Fine Order No. 690144 £10

Pat Zalewski, Kabbalah opf the Golden Dawn, Castle 2000 Hardback 223pp
Gilt blocked cover, no DW, as issued Fine Order No. 690175 £6

Pat Zalewski, Talismans and Evocations of the Golden Dawn, Thoth 2002
Paperback 251pp Fine Order No. 690180 £8

Pat Zalewski, Z-5 Secret Teachings of the Golden Dawn, Book 1 The
Neophyte Ritual 0=0, Llewellyn 1991 Paperback xxvi + 203pp Fine Order
No. 690139 £20

Pat & Chris Zalewski, The Equinox and Solstice Rituals of the Golden
Dawn, Llewellyn 1991 Paperback xxiii + 163pp slight wear near Fine
Order No. 690142 £10

Pat & Chris Zalewski, The Magical tarot of the Golden Dawn, Divination,
Meditation and High Magical Teachings, Aeon 2008 Paperback ix + 644pp
Fine+ Order No. 690143 £18

Pat & Chris Zalewski, Z-5 Secret Teachings of the Golden Dawn, Book 2
The Zeltor Ritual 1=10, Llewellyn 1991 Paperback xvi + 210pp spine
creased, some wear Good Order No. 690140 £6

(iii) A formidible scholar, A.E. Waite headed an offshoot of the Golden
Dawn with ist own form of the initiations.

A.E. Waite, Inner and Outer Order Initiations of the Holy Order of the
Golden Dawn, Ishtar 2005 Hardback iii + 321pp Fine in Fine DW Order No.
690176 £20

Anon, The Sacred Book of Henoch (Enoch), Tarot, Holmes 1997 Card covered
booklet 28pp Ed. And Intro. By Darcy Kuntz, this copy signed by him.
Tinted paper From papers of Rev. A.H.E.Lee (Hilarion) member of Waite’s
Golden Dawn offshoot, attributed to Hermes Trismegistus and relaqtes to
the Tarot. Three appendices:- a previously unpublished Golden Dawn paper
on the Alchemical Tarot; interesting paper on a 16 card divination
spread based on the Table of Shewbread; traditional Golden Dawn tarot
attributions Fine Order No. 690237 £10

A.E. Waite, The Golden Dawn Tarot, The Great Dance of the Royal Figures,
Holmes 1996 Card covered booklet 48pp Illustrated. Excellent Intro. by
Darcy Kuntz (this copy inscribed and signed by him) describes how Waite
progressively revealed his remarkable vision of the signficance of
Tarot. Cogently places into that contect the texts here provided:- Tarot
, A Wheel of Fortune; Book of the Secret Word and the Higher Way to
Fortune; Tarot and the Rosy Cross. Also included is Victor Neuberg’s
Truth About the Tarot Trumps. All obscure, but very important, texts
Fine Order No. 690249 £10

(iv) Paul Foster Case joined the American Temple of the offshoot of the
Golden Dawn headed by Moina Mathers. His rapid advancement through the
grades caused some ill will and he parted company with Moina Mathers,
partly because she disapproved of his use of sexual energies. He formed
the Builders of the Adytum, which is active today, and inherits much
from the Golden Dawn, though eschews Enochian which Case considered

Paul Foster Case, Esoteric Keys of Alchemy, Ishtar 2006 Paperback 146pp
Fine Order No. 690024 £8

Paul Foster Case, The Masonic Letter G, Macoy 1981 Small format, silver
blocked card covers 80pp. Considered to have reference to Cases ideas
relating to sex energies. Extravagent esoteric inscription and stamp
Fine Order No. 690299 £8

Paul Foster Case, True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, Weiser 1989
Large format paperback. Throrough presentation of the Rosicrucian system
of Initiation. Considered to have reference to Cases ideas relating to
sex energies. Illustrations. 340pp VG+ Order No. 690010 £10

(v) Dion Fortune joined the offshoot of the Golden Dawn operated by
Moina Mathers but then parted to form the Fraternity of Light

Dion Fortune, Cosmic Doctrine, Weiser 2000 Paperback 227pp New Edition
including previously unpublished text Fine Order No. 690205 £12

Dion Fortune, Sane Occultism and, Practical Aoccultism in Daily Life,
Aquarian 1987 Paperback 176pp Two books in one Very Good + Order No.
690097 £4

Janine Chapman, Quest for Dion Fortune, Weiser 1993 Paperback xviii +
190pp Foward by Kenneth Grant. Well informed (William Butler & Kenneth
Grant) Examines exact circumstances of the psychic attack which
underlies Fortunes Psychic Self Defence Fine Order No. 690185 £5

Gareth Knight & Dion Fortune, Principles of Hermetic Philosophy, Thoth
1999 Paperback 203pp Very Good Order No. 690093 £6

Christine Hartley, Western Mystery Tradition, Thoth 2003 Paperback 179pp
Fine Order No. 690099 £6

Gareth Knight, Dion Fortune and the Inner Light, Thoth 2000 Paperback
344pp Plates. Comprehensive and substantial biography of Fortune based
on the archives of the Society of Inner Light. Very informative Fine
Order No. 690098 £12

Gareth Knight, Dion Fortune and the Three Fold Way, Society of Inner
Light 20 Paperback 160pp Fine Order No. 690157 £5

Alan Richardson, Magical Life of Dion Fortune, Priestess of the 20th
century, Aquarian 1991 256pp Plates Paperback cover creased but sound
G Order No. 690155 £2

Alan Richardson (Ed. & Intro.), Dancers to the Gods, the Magical Records
of Charles Seymour & Christine Hartley 1937-39), Aquarian 1985 Paperback
191pp Good+ Order No. 690075 £4

(vi) Israel Regardie joined the Stella Matutina, fearing the system
would be lost he published the Golden Dawn in the late 30’s. He went on
to publish a numbver of works drawing upon the Golden Dawn system and
also his work with Crowley. He actively encouraged various continuations
of the Golden Dawn

Israel Regardie, A Garden of Pomegranates, Skrying on the Tree of Life,
Llewellyn 2004 Paperback xxx + 519pp. Edited and Annotated with New
Material by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero Fine Order No. 690185 £6

Israel Regardie, Ceremonial Magic, A Guide to the Mechanisms of Ritual,
Aquarian 1985 Paperback 127pp Substantial advice on opening the
Watchtowers and Bornless Ritual. Gives use of Unicursal Hexagram in
Hexagram rituals, and innovation introduced, probably be Regardie,
around 1930 but published here for the first time. Some wear but Good +
Sound copy Order No. 690181 £7

Israel Regardie, Foundations of Practical Magic, An Introduction to
Qabalistic, Magical & Meditative Techniques, Aquarian 1979 1st Ed.
Hardback 160pp recommended A few Illus. The Art & Meaning of Magic, A
Qabalistic Primer, Meditation, Qabalah of Number & Meaning, the Art of
True Healing Fine in Very Good DW Order No. 690182 £18

Israel Regardie, How to Make and Use Talismans, Aquarian 1977 Small
format paperback 63pp Very Good Order No. 690200 £10

Israel Regardie, Practical Guide to Geomantic Divination, Aquarian 1972
1st Ed Small format 64pp paperback booklet, very useful guide to this
important but underused system of divination VG Order No. 690177 £3

Israel Regardie, Romance of Metaphysics, An Introduction to the History,
Theory & Psychology of Modern Metaphysics, Aries Press 1946 1st Ed xi +
288pp Incription on front free endpaper, one corner bumped overall Very
Good Order No. 690126 £35

Israel Regardie, Teachers of Fulfillment, (Formerly Romance of
Metaphysics), Falson Press 1983 Paperback xxx + 239pp some wear Good
Order No. 690174 £18

Israel Regardie, The Middle Pillar, The Balance Between Mind and Magic,
Llewellyn 2004 Paperback xxxi + 274pp. Edited and Annotated with New
Material by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero Fine Order No. 690184 £6

Israel Regardie, Tree of Life, An Illustrated Study in Magic, Llewellyn
2001 Paperback xxxv + 513pp Edited and Annotated by Chic and Sandra
Tabatha Cicero. Esoteric inscription in preliminaries Very Good + Order
No. 690071 £7.5

(vii) Chic and Tabitha Cicero operate the Hermetic Order of the Golden
Dawn based in the USA and received initiation from Israel Regardie

Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Experiencing the Kabbalah, Llewellyn 1997
Paperback xiv + 254pp Front cover creased Very Good Order No. 690195 £6

Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Essential Golden Dawn, An Introduction
to High Magic, Llewellyn 2003 Paperback 310pp Fine Order No. 690138 £6

Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, The Golden Dawn Journal, Book 1:
Divination, Llewellyn 1994 Paperback 286pp Very Good + Order No. 690136

Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, The Golden Dawn Journal, Book 2 Quabala:
Theory and Magic, Llewellyn 1994 Paperback xiii + 423pp VG clean copy in
protective sleave Order No. 690136 £30

Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, The Ritual Use of Magical Tools,
Llewellyn 2000 Larger format paperback 286pp Corners slightly bumped
otherwise Fine Order No. 690137 £20

d) Some General Books re Golden dawn and the Occult Milieu

Francis King, Magic, The Western Tradition, T. & H. 1990 Large format
paperback 128pp Many Illus some cold. Inc. artwork by Spare, Crowley
etc. Fine Order No. 690070 £5

Francis King, Ritual Magic in England, (1887 to the Present Day),
Spearman 1970 1st Ed Especially strong on Golden Dawn & its survivals,
excellent work that charted new territory in it’s day & still commands
attention. Very readable Plates 224pp Very Good (no dustwrapper) Order
No. 690161 £25

Isobel Sutherland and Francis King, Rebirth of Magic, Corgi 1982
Paperback 217pp. The only edition of this work which describes the
French occult revival, the Golden Dawn and its derivatives. Dion Fortune
and the Society of Inner Light, ritual magic in the USA, sex magic,
witchcraft etc Very Good Order No. 690204 £8

Christine Stoddart (Inquire Within), Light-Bearers of Darkness, Black
Books 1996 Paperback vii + 207pp Author C.M. Stoddart, a prominent
member of Stella Matutina with access to its archives who came to see
The Golden Dawn as part of a vast conspiracy bent on world domination.
Whilst paranoid it should be noted that some prominent members of the
Golden Dawn did have a secret politcal agendas. Amusing but for the
anti-semitism. Discusses Anthroposophical Society, Stella Matutina &
Rosae Rubae et Aurae Crucis; Aleister Crowley; Panacea Society; American
Cults etc Fine Order No. 690153 £28

Inquire Within (Christina Stoddart), Trail of the Serpent, Black Books
1996 viii + 325pp Pb Golden Initiate who went mad ennuciates world wide
conspiracy of Illuminati, Occultists & Jews. Discusses Fraternity of
Inner Light, Crowley, Steiner, contenental masonry etc. Curious reading
Fine Order No. 690090 £15


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