The Stele of Revealing: Ancient, Antique and Modern

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To mark the Winter Solstice 2010e.v., and celebrate a second successful year, the Company of Heaven is pleased to release for sale three original, hand-painted historical replicas of the Stele of Revealing: ancient, antique & modern.

Based on extensive research and contemporary artefacts, the first is a reconstruction of the Stele of Revealing as it might have looked in antiquity. The layers of honey-coloured ancient varnish have been lifted off to reveal the Stele’s original colour palette. A possible missing piece of the original, a pair of plumes, has also been restored.

The first copy of the Stele was commissioned by Aleister Crowley over 100 years ago in 1904. That ‘abstruction’ is now missing, presumed to have been destroyed in a fire. The Company of Heaven is offering a painstaking reconstruction of the lost Stele.

Not all subsequent reproductions of the Stele of Revealing were as skillfully painted as the 1904 ‘abstruction’ but retain the energy and vibrancy of their period. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer a copy of a Stele produced during the 1970s. Taken directly from an original, this low relief, plaster copy is painted in the colours and style of the day.

Also a new addition to the website is ‘the LAM-asery’, a page devoted to my interpretations of the famous portrait of Lam, including details of the development of a ‘Mask of Lam’.

Read on for images and contact details… For further information, please visit ‘Ancient & Modern’ & ‘the LAM-asery’ pages of or contact

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