Thelema Now – Special Edition: Guest: David Chaim Smith, Part 2 (50 minutes)

In this special edition of Thelema Now, host Frater Puck and David Chaim Smith talk about magick, magick, magick!

David is the author of The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis – Commentary on Genesis 1-3, out now on DAAT PRESS.

This is part two in a three-part series with David Chaim Smith.

“To think that the essence of something can be known without the expression of it’s nature is deceptive. Pure essentiality cannot be communicated. It only is known through its nature. They are fundamentally the same, although pertain to different aspects. The nature is the essence in the most dynamic sense. Creative essentiality is unknowable, but it is replete with pure cognizant potential. Its wisdom nature is the knowingness that radiates as all things, constantly beginning as each ungraspbale moment.”

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