An evening with the Beast

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An evening with the Beast…

27 May 2011, Athens, Greece

The poet, writer, mountaineer, chess player and artist Aleister Crowley is perhaps one of the most important figures in Western Esotericism. Although regarded as “the most evil man who ever lived” during his lifetime, his influence on contemporary esoteric currents of thought and occult practice, is now wider and more profound than ever before.

Today, several experts of his work present a series of lectures that will analyse his religion, philosophy and life. The program will include talks about Aleister Crowley’s published works, his various occult groups, magical workings and his current influence on several other important occult groups.

This is the first in a series of meetings to offer serious study of the teachings of Aleister Crowley. The talks will provide a comprehensive introduction to his life and work, offering those who attend a fuller understanding of the key occult themes to enable their own spiritual development.
The program includes the following lectures:

“Aleister Crowley: Works and Days”
by Sasha Chaitow (PhD(c) Western Esotericism, MA Western Esotericism, Phoenix Rising Academy Director, Visiting Lecturer in History & Philosophy, University of Indianapolis Athens)

“Thelema and the Argentium Astrum”
by Frater S. (member of Α.΄.Α.΄., representative of the Holy Thelemic Church and UR-OTO in Greece)

“The Abbey of Thelema: History and Workings (1920-1923)”
by Christian Giudice, BA (Oxon.), MA(c) in Western Esotericism (Exeter).

“Goetia and Abramelin in the Work of Aleister Crowley”
by Ioannis Marathakis (author)

“The Influence of Aleister Crowley on Wicca, Chaos Magic and the Current of Nekronomikon”
by George Ioannidis (psychologist, author)

“Law and Will in the Work of Aleister Crowley”
by Katerina Kerasoti (philologist)

The meeting will be introduced by Anna Apostolidou (Chairperson of the c.n.p.o. “Save the Abbey of Thelema) while, at the end of the program there will be time for discussion.

Most of the lectures will be given in Greek, except the one of Mr. C.Giudice which will be in English, however, there will be translation in both of these languages.

The event, which is organized by the Non Profit Organization “Save the Abbey of Thelema”, will be held on 27 May, at 6:30 pm, Bookshop-Café “Enastron” (101 Solonos Road, Athens, Telephone number: (+030) 210-38.28.161 & (+030) 210-38.28.139).

Sponsors: Phoenix Rising Academy, Mystery magazine.

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