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It’s not often that you see writings by Crowley described as: “There does not appear to be a copy of it at the Warburg Institute. It has never been published.”

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1) Two Recent Books from Teitan Press (multiple copies available)
2) An important work concerning Tantra (multiple copies available)
3) Some Crowley Firsts
4) Some Crowley Research Materials
5) Property of a Lady
6) S.E.E. Publication Project – German translator sought.
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1) Two Recent Books from Teitan Press (multiple copies available)

Ida Craddock (Ed. And Intro. Vere Chappell), Lunar and Sex Worship, Teitan 2010, hardback xvii + 318pp. Crowley wrote of Craddock “… she certainly obtained initiated knowledge of extraordinary depth, she seems to have had access to certain most concealed sanctuaries…She has put down statements in plain English which are positively staggering…” The nineteenth century saw a rising perception of sexual symbolism as the foundation of religion. Whilst Hargrave Jennings was careful to state that his use of the term “phallic” denoted both male and female, the general term “Phallicism” that came to be applied to the movement reflected a male bias. Ida Cradock promoted her own interpretation that championed the feminine and was totally compatible with Crowley’s theories of sex magick. She combined this with an advocacy of sexual freedom for women which brought her into conflict with the political establishment, she was prosecuted and sentenced to 5 years, a period she did not expect to survive, and took her own life. Order No. T01 £37.50

Anon., The Red Dragon (Le Veritable Dragon Rouge), or the Art of Commanding the Celestial, Terrestrial and Infernal Spirits, followed by the Black Hen (La Poule Noire). Teitan Press 2011 Hardback xxi + 82pp (translation) + 108pp (facsimile). Some illustrations. Introduction Silens Mannus. Preliminary pages printed in black and red, shimmering red endpapers. A very handsome production. One of the most curious, and influential, of the French grimoires. It seemed to first appear at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It contains various magical incantations. Christian powers are utilised to compel the attendance of Lucifuge Rocifale and Lucifer who are then bound to serve the practitioner. This process requires creation of a “blasting rod”. Whilst the animal sacrifice required for the preparation of the rod will appal most modern practitioners, conceptually, the process is astute and seems to be real gem of folk magic. The main grimoire is followed by varied spells. These include the (very cruel) Black Cat Spell which crossed the Atlantic and became transformed into the Black Cat Bone of hoodoo sung about by bluesmen. There is also a relatively noble spell for skrying plus other material, some of which (such as a spell/recipe for procuring an abortion) which are clearly genuine folk practices. A very important grimoire finally available to the English reading public in an excellent translation with informative and very useful introduction, Order No. T02 £37.50

2) An important work concerning Tantra (multiple copies available)

John Power, The Nu Tantras of the Uttarakaulas, Phoenix 2011 Paperback 98pp Nine coloured plates plus other illustrations. The author was very involved in the transmission of Tantric teachings to the west by Dadaji, a westerner who new Crowley but sought direct initiation in India. Later Dadaji authorised the foundation of AMOOKOS, which was headed by Mike Magee, who was closely involved with Kenneth Grant. This work is highly informed, both about tantra in India and Tibet and its western expressions. This work is, itself, a manifestation of the spirit of tantra in a way that many western books relating to the subject are not. £15

3) Books from the Terry Cryer collection

Mr. Cryer (see a noted photographer who chronicled the British jazz, blues and skiffle movements in which the great British rock groups have their roots. It is well known that these groups have important occult connections. Interesting to find, therefore, the following artefacts from an earlier period, Mr Cryer having purchased his first Crowley book in 1960. These items are testaments of significant vectors on interest in the process by which Aleister Crowley has assumed such significance in modern culture. Whilst most stories as to who viewed the books must remain private it can be mentioned that in 1965 Mr. Cryer and his business partner were employed by a theatrical agent to photograph a new client called David Jones. The talk turned to Crowley and the client, David Jones expressed considerable interest in the books and tried to purchase the Equinox. The offer was declined but the young musician’s interest in Crowley continued, and was expressed in his lyrics when he became more widely known as David Bowie.
There is a retrospective exhibition of Terry Cryer’s work at the Red House Originals Gallery, Harrogate. Yorkshire, U.K. commencing May 6th Details can be found here:-

Aleister Crowley & Others, The Equinox, Vol.I No.1, Simpkins etc 1909 1st Ed 254pp + 139pp Plates including striking coloured image by J.F.C.Fuller 1st Ed of John St John, the Wizard Way, An Account of
the A.’.A.’., Liber Librae, Soldier & the Hunchback etc. The front board is damp stained which affects the text and image printed on the paper covered front board. There is wear to the edge of the board, particularly the to foredge corner. There is slight discolouration to the paper covering the backboard and the tail foredge corner is bumped. It has been rebacked, the binder finding an excellent match for the cloth, the original spine cloth and very worn paper label (approximately two thirds remaining) being retained. All is enclosed in stout, professionally made slipcase bound in blue cloth with title blocked in gold. There are a couple of elderly pencilled annotations to the text. Discreet ownership signature of Mr. Cryer in pencil. It was bought by Mr. Cryer from Foyles Bookshop (where Crowley gave a noted lecture on occultism)and the 1964 receipt is enclosed. Order No. TC01 £625

Aleister Crowley, Moonchild, A Prologue, Mandrake 1929 1st Ed 335pp Crowley’s best occult fiction dealing with an important formula, also delightfully libellous as real people pop up in deeply uncomplimentary, guises! Some wear and bowing to boards, internally. Discreet ownership signature of Mr. Cryer in pencil. Very Good Order No. TC02 £200

Aleister Crowley, Magick, In Theory and Practice, Subscribers Ed 1929, 10ins x 7.5ins xxxiv + 436pp top edge gilt. Given the perilous state of Crowley’s finances it is unclear how many people were brave enough to be subscribers, there is a suggestion that “preferred” might be a better term, Crowley being dissatisfied with the four volume card covered version of the binding. Rear hinge partially split, otherwise in Very good clean condition, no dustwrapper. Discreet ownership signature of Mr. Cryer in pencil. Good Order No. TC02 £500

Aleister Crowley, In Residence, The Don’s Guide to Canbridge, Elijah Johnson 1904 1st Ed. Card covers x + 94pp + 19pp catalogue of Crowley’s publications and announcement of a prize for best essay on his works. Also some amusing adverts probably penned by Crowley for local Cambridge companies (probably in lieu of him paying them). Discreet ownership signature of Mr. Cryer in pencil. As is usual the card covers are very faded, also worn especially along the spine which is starting to detach. Order No. TC04 £180

4) Some Crowley Research Materials

The following items are photocopies supplied some decades ago to the current owner by Ray Sherwin, who edited the New Equinox in the late 1970s, a remarkable independent Thelemic journal. Mr. Sherwin went on to become a major figure in the creation of Chaos Magic, editing Chaos International. Please note that I have only been supplied with one of each item and cannot make any copies.

They are photocopies of the following handwritten magical diaries of Aleister Crowley

28 Nov.1920 – 20 Jan. 1921 The Book of The Cephaloedium Working, 37pp Standard of copy is good. The text has been published in print a number of times, most recently as an appendix to the Fish. Aside from issues relating to Crowley’s handwriting only a couple of lines have compromised legibility. Order No.D01 £25

25th Feb 1916 – 2nd Sept. 1918 De Arte Regia Vol.II 57pp Text published in Magical Record of the Beast 666, though this copy of the manuscript shows some material was not included, basically astrological charts and records of geomantic readings plus some photos. Standard of reproduction poor, occasionally quite illegible, photos come out poorly Order No. D02 £30

Liber LXX . Liber Batraxou, Ceremonies Proper to Obtaining of a Familiar (16/17 July 1916) 7pp. Ritual involving the crucifixion of a frog. Both Crowley’s record of his undertaking of the ritual, as part of his becoming Magus, and also information for others, he proposes that it might be suitable for some initiates of the VIth degree of the OTO Crowley identified the frog with Christ and performed the ritual as part of his obtaining of the grade of Magus. Generally readable, some words unclear Order D03 £15

The Book of the Magical record of To Mega Therion, the Beast 666 9 = 2 A.’.A.’.(25 March 1924 – 3rd April 1924) 87pp including 5pp in another hand (probably Leah Hirsig). Photocopy occasionally illegible. This diary is unrecorded in Edward and Marlene Cornelius, The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference, Red Flame 4, 1997. There does not appear to be a copy of it at the Warburg Institute. It has never been published. Order No. D04 £150

The Book of the Magical record of To Mega Therion, the Beast 666, 9 = 2 A.’.A.’. (3rd April 1924 – -16th May 1924?) 91pp Some in the hand of Leah Hirsig. Some illegibility due to poor photocopy, especially the last few pages. This diary is unrecorded in Edward and Marlene Cornelius, The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference, Red Flame 4, 1997. There does not appear to be a copy of it at the Warburg Institute. It has never been published. Order No. D05 £150

The Magical Record of To Mega Therion, 666, 9 = 2 A.’.A.’. (20th May 1924 – 13th July 1924? 102pp Poor quality photocopy, often illegible. This diary is unrecorded in Edward and Marlene Cornelius, The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference, Red Flame 4, 1997. There does not appear to be a copy of it at the Warburg Institute. It has never been published. Order No. D06 £150

Untitled (Magical Diary of Aleister Crowley) (16th September 1924 – 11th May 1925) 56pp Sometimes illegible This diary is unrecorded in Edward and Marlene Cornelius, The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference, Red Flame 4, 1997. There does not appear to be a copy of it at the Warburg Institute. It has never been published. Order No. D07 £75

5) Property of a Lady

Anon , Manuscript, Card folder (33cm x 22cm) with two labels:- “A key to the Manuscript catalogues Parts 1 and 2” and, in a different hand “Reference Index to H. Venmau’s(?) Manuscipts relating to Abnormal and
Transcendental Phenomena in Psychology and and the Science of Occultism 1868 to 1891″. Within are three manuscripts (all being same dimensions as the folder):-
1) The reference index to the collection of manuscripts referred to in the label on the cover (17pp) Sections include:- Astral Magic and Indian Occultism; Spiritualist Phenomena; Mesmeric and Hypnotic; Psychic Physiological; Qabalistic etc.
2) Mystery of the Eighth Sphere (17pp) The headings of this sphere are:- Introductory; Inception of the Cosmos; The Elohim; the Origin of Evil; the Eighth Sphere; the Fallof Man; the Fourth Principle; Physical & Astral Moons, Lunar Influences, Black Magic; \lunar Chain; Double Vortex; Three Primary Aspects of the Elohim; the Powers of Light; Cherubim, Seraphim & “Thrones”; Mystery of Evil; Principalities of Darkness; Sons of Fire; Obscuration of Planet D; Sixteen Stages of Degradation; Guardian Angels; the “Sons of God” and the “Daughter’s of Men”. Additional annotations, possibly in another hand, suggest this
text may be the work of (C.G.?) Harrison and part of the series Philosophy of Occultism. However these lectures have been published and whilst one lecture does share some headings the manuscript is quite
different, containing far more substantial lore of interest to the occultist.
3) Index – Typical Cases (2pp) Gives 20 examples of phenomena such as physical manifestation and listing the source of information (mostly 1886)
In all cases the copperplate handwriting is reasonably readable, but with occasional difficulties. There is some wear and discolouration to the pages, somewhat more to the folder but no more than would be expected to items that are clearly in well excess of 100 years old. Order No. 700086 £350

Aiwass (attributed), Liber Vel Ovis, 93 sub figura LXXVI as delivered by OVIZ to PRZOVAL 8 = 3, 1981 Hardback 36pp “Privately printed by the OTO”, copyright Khabs Temple, San Francisco. Has OTO lamen prominently printed, identifies itself as A,’,A,’, publication Class A. and describes itself as the most important communication of the Secret Master of the A.’.A.’. Since the receipt of the Book of the Law. Gives the address of the Secretary General of OTO and A.’.A.’. As the Khabs Temple. Front cover blocked in metallic red with Novus Ordo Seculorum pyramid. Introduction is dismissive of Grant, Bertiaux and McMurtry’s OTO endeavours. Curious item, perhaps one of the more difficult to obtain artefacts of OTO/A.’.A.’. claims Fine Order No. 700011 £80

Anon. (George, Baron Lyttleton & Elizabeth Robinson Montagu), Dialogues of the Dead, W. Sandby 1760 2nd Ed. xii + 320pp Half leather with gilt decoration to spine and marbled boards (upper portion discoloured) and endppaers, However, binding is very worn at top and tail of spine. Front board present but detached. Bookblock sound. Engraved bookplate of Teston Library Order No. 700079 £50

W.E. Butler, Apprenticed to Magic, Aquarian 1962 1st Ed x + 105pp An important work. In earlier books the author outlined magical art, in this concise work he provides the student with the material which can be used by the student to achieve real progress in the field of occult endeavour. Published three years before the author founded the Servants of the Light this book may be considered very influential worn reading copy Order No. 700013 £5

H.L. Cornell, Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology, Llewellyn 1972 Hardback xii, vii, v, 958 pp. Fine in Very Good DW Order No. 700010 £30

Aleister Crowley:-

AHA, Sangreal 1969 78pp With commentary by Israel Regardie ownership inscription, otherwise Fine, no DW Order No. 700018 £15

Amrita, Essays in Magical Rejuvenation, Thelema 1990 1st Ed Intro. Martin Starr Deals with the Elixir of Life central to the O.T.O.. Also has his essay On Food. 78pp coloured frontispiece. OP
Important work, while much is known about the formulae of Crowley’s munderstanding of OTO sex magic, this is very useful description of a context in which he proposed to practice it. Very slight fading to cover but overall VG clean sound copy Order No. 700030 £150

Art in America, Golden Dawn not dated (c1990) Card covered booklet 16pp Very Good Order No. 700005 £3

Book 4, (Parts 1 & 2), Weiser Paperback 124pp Elegant enunciation of principles of meditation & the regalia of ceremonial magick Fine + Order No. 700060 £5

Book of Lies, Weiser 1984 Paperback Illustrated 196pp Ownership inscription otherwise Fine Order No. 700006 £4

Carmen Saeculare, Mandrake Press Booklet, large format 32pp Very Good Order No. 700080 £5

Complete Astrological Writings, Containing:- Treatise on Astrology Liber 536; How Horoscopes are Faked by Cor Scorpionis; Batrachophrenoboocosmachia, Duckworth 1974 hardback xv + 224pp Intro, Ed. & Anno. by John Symonds & Kenneth Grant OP. The very pronunciation of the “B” text is intended to change ones consciousness VG in VG DW Order No. 700045 £20

De Arte Magica, Sure Fire 1988 Important account of OTO sex magick 20pp card covered booklet cover slightly creased Very Good Order No. 700016 £15

Diary of a Drug Fiend, Abacus 1979. Small format paperback 382pp Introduction John Symonds. Footnotes by Kenneth Grant & John Symonds Rather worn reading copy Order No. 700001 £5

The Forbidden Lecture of Gilles de Rais, Mandrake 1990 No. 726 of a Limited Edition of 1000 61pp Introduction by Keith Richmond. This publication has a certain significance as it brought the publisher (not to be confused with Mandrake of Oxford) to the attention of John Symonds leading to an alliance concerning the ownership of the Crowley copyrights which ended in court some twelve years later. Fine in Dustwrapper that has 3cm tear repaired with document tape on reverse, plus some slight creasing Order No. 680002 UK Pounds 20

Giant’s Thumb, First Impressions 1992 Paperback xxi + 314pp + (11pp) ads Facsimile reprint of proof copy in the Warburg reproducing Crowley’s annotations.. The book itself was not published until this, the first edition. Crowley’s annotations suggest that it was stolen from him by Mudd and requests its return! The original was to have been dedicated to Reuss, and some of the poems directly relate to OTO & other occult themes. Fine Order No. 700019 £55

Golden Twigs, Teitan 1988 8 tales 1st pub. pseudonymously in the International, exploring themes akin to those of Golden Bough. Gilt blocked design xv + 152pp high production values Excellent Intro by Martin Starr Fine in Fine DW Order No. 700043 £30

Holy Books, Sangreal 1972 Presents 3 of Crowley’s class A works; Liber Lapis Lazuli, Liber Cordis Cincte Serpente. Liber DCCCXIII vel Ararita 116pp Preface Israel Regardie. Gilt blocking on white leatherlike binding Fine Order No. 700007 £15

Konx Om Pax, Essays on Light, Yogi nd (1980s?) Card covs 108pp Very Good Order No. 700053 £6

Liber Aleph vel CXI, Book of Wisdom & Folly, Unicorn Press nd (1973/4) Paperback 219pp Printed in blue. Published by the Unicorn Bookshp in Brighton which was run by Bill Ballard who experienced tremendous problems with the local police, being subject to high profile anti-obscenity prosecutions. Interesting artefact of Crowley-underground press interaction Front cover somewhat marked Good Order No. 700029 £20

Liber Aleph vel CXI, The Book of Wisdom & Folly, Weiser 2005 Paperback xxxii + 220pp Coloured frontispiece Intended as Equinox Vol.III No.4, a collection of letters to Frater Achad when A.C. looked upon him as his magical child. Very informative prolegomenon by head of the Caliphate OTO. Fine Order No. 700014 £12

Liber XXI, Khing Kang King, The Classic of Purity, Thelema 1974 Small format, 10 leaves mostly printed on one side in blue ink. Frontispiece illustration by Crowley. Limited edition of 100 copies. Various annotations (mostly pencil) on pastedown and front endpaper includes the adddress of Atlantis Books and the name Kenneth Grant (but this is not to suggest it is signed by him). Some slight marks to cloth Good+ condition Order No. 700078 £40

Magical Record of the Beast 666, Ed. J.Symonds & K.Grant,, Duckworth 1983 Paperback. xv + 326pp A.C.’s diaries of sex magick workings from the ms (which has anno. by Gerald Yorke) in the Warburg Institute. Some annotations and wear Order No. 700015 £45

Magick Without Tears, Falcon 1983 Paperback xxxi + 528pp Intro Israel Regardie G only spine creased, some wear Order No. 700057 £20

Moonchild, A Prologue, Mandrake 1929 1st Ed 335pp Crowley’s best occult fiction dealing with an important formula, also delighfully libellous as real people pop up in deeply uncomplimentary guises! Endpapers somewhat browned (as is usual), pencilled ownership inscription, Foyles bookshop sticker, Very Good sound copy (no dustwrapper) Order No. 700050 £175

Rosa Decidua, Mandrake Press Ltd Originally published in 1911 to commemorate their divorce 16pp booklet Fine Order No. 700012 £2

Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist, of Shiraz (Bagh-I-Muatter), Teitan 1991 Facsimile of 1st Ed 137pp. Introduction Martin Starr. Original edition was largely destroyed by the Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise who were never fans of Crowley’s works. Classic homo-erotic text dealing with Sufi mysteries. Very nicely produced top corners a little bumped but VG Order No. 700014 £55

Snowdrops from a Curate’s Garden, Teitan 1986 Frontis xxi + 197pp A.C’s pornography, still sparky by today’s standards Prolegomenon Martin Starr. Out of print Fine in Fine DW Order No. 700024 £60

Soul of Osiris, A History, First Impressions 1992 Paperback ix + 131pp Originally published in1912. An early collection of poetry which elegantly expresses the authors occult endeavours. It is divided into three sections:- the Court of the Profane, the Gate of the Sanctuary, the Holy Place, the Holy of Holies. The poems are replete with Rosicrucian and occult imagery. Fine Order No. 700004 £18

The Fish, Mandrake Press 1992 First Edition No.Ltd. Ed. Of 750 122pp Introduction by Lawrence Sutin A novel written at Cefalu, but not completed. Crowley’s notes for the ending are appended. An adventure tale, a satire of Christianity, a critique of Buddhism and an exploration of symbolism. It was born of an act of sex magic, the Cephaloedium Working, the magickal record of which appears as an appendix Fine in Fine DW Order No. 700045 £25

Aleister Crowley, Winged Beetle, Teitan 1992 Facs. Ed x + 228pp handsomely bound with gilt stamped design & useful introduction by Martin Starr fine clean copy Order No. 700031 £50

White Stains, Moonglow 2008 Paperback 111pp covers quite bent Order No. 700020 £4

Khaled Khan aka Aleister Crowley, Heart of the Master, None given (modern) Small format paperback 40pp & 8pp original adverts etc reproduced 1st Pub 1938 Concise exposition of claims of Thelema Fine Order No. 700053 £5

Aleister Crowley and others, The Equinox, Vol.III No.10, OTO / Thelema 1990 1st Ed Paperback 287pp Very Good Order No. 700051 £8

Michael Ford, Luciferian Witchcraft, The Grimoire of the Serpent, Succubus 2006 Hardback 556pp Fine in Fine DW Order No. 700070 £20

J.F.C. Fuller, The Black Arts, Contr/Thought 2002 Card covered booklet 18pp This essay on black magic was first published in the Golden Hind, co-edited by Austin Osman Spare VG Order No. 700002 £4

Kenneth Grant:-

Against the Light, A Nightside Narrative, Starfire 1997 xiii + 120pp Part autobiographical occult fiction which has been very well received indeed. Grant, head of the Typhonian OTO, has for years annunciate a strange & compelling Gnosis of the Shadow Fine in Fine DW
Order No. 700034 £45

At the Feet of the Guru, Twenty Five Essays, Starfire 2006 134pp Plates Dustwrapper carries coloured illustration by Steffi Grant. This book collects the writings of Kenneth (and Steffi Grant, as one essay is by her) concerning Indian mysticism and mystics. Most were published in the 1950s in very obscure Indian journals that most readers of Grant will never have seen. Some appeared in Man Myth and Magic in the 1970s and a few appeared more recently in Indian journals that will be unfamiliar to the Western Occultist. This is not a merely academic work of comparative religion but a deeply committed and empathetic examination of aspects and practitioners of the Indian mystical tradition The essays an admirable clarity and conciseness. At its core is the perception of the illusory nature of self and its transcendence. The work is of importance. Crowley’s work on Blavatsky’s Vision and the Voice demonstrated that he considered the A.’.A.’. to be informed by the same Great White Brotherhood for whom the Theosophical Society worked in service, indeed at one point he hoped the Theosophical Society would realise that he was its true head. Blavatsky Secret Chiefs were mostly identified as Indian Holy Men, it has been suggested that the supernatural claims may have been a mask for actual teachers. Interesting that Grant, who reformulated the OTO to operate in a manner more akin to the A.’.A.’. should re-connect with Indian mystical traditions. Certainly the Indian teachings are here related to Thelemic and western occult concepts Fine inFine DW Order No. 700036 £35

Cults of the Shadow, Muller 1975 1st Ed. viii + 244pp Plates Typhonian tapestry of tantra, Crowley, Achad, Bertioux & Spare. Striking illustrated dustwrapper by Steffi Grant with OTO lamen on spine. A nice copy Very Good in Good edges rubbed) DW Order No. 700036 £55

Gamaliel, the Diary of a Vampire & Dance, Doll, Dance, Starfire 2003ev 158pp Jacket design by Steffi Grant incorporating self portrait by Hamsa, It is she, better known as Clandia, who Gerald Gardner regarded as stolen property when she left his coven for Grant’s Nu Isis Lodge of the OTO. He asked Spare to devise a spell to retrieve lost property and its tragic effects have been described in Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare. This occult fiction has been very well received Fine in Fine DW Order No. 700033 £25

Magical Revival, Skoob 1991 Hardback 244pp Plates The first of the Typhonian Trilogies and in some ways the foundation stone upon which the remainder were built. Very Good (no DW) Order No. 700036 £32

Outer Gateways, Skoob 1994 1st 264pp Plates Fine in Very Good + DW Order No. 700035 £90

Outside the Circles of Time, Starfire 2008 Hardback 320pp Plates, some coloured. Including 4 coloured and 1 monochrome images by Steffi Grant and one by Kenneth Grant. Fine in Fine DW Order No. 700033 £45

David Griffin, The Ritual Magic Manual, A Complete Course in Practical Magic, Golden Dawn Pub. 1999 Hardback 666pp Many diagrams and some coloured plates. Excellent summation of practical ceremonial magic drawing upon Golden Dawn system Fine in Fine DW Order No. 700016 £90

Franz Hartmann, Magic White & Black, Science of Finite & Infinite Life Containing Practical Hints for Students of Occultism, Kegan Paul etc. 1904 Frontispiece + 298pp + 96pp Gilt design on cover Author prominent member of Theosophical Society & OTO. Uneven fading to front cover but Very Good sound copy Order No. 700028 £90

Donald Michael Kraig, Modern Sex Magick, Secrets of Erotic Spirituality, Llewellyn 1999 Paperback xvii + 378pp. Includes a careful paraphrase of Emblems and their Mode of Use, the instructional text where Crowley is his most explicit concerning his enunciation ofOTO sex magick Fine Order No. 700047 £10

Austin Osman Spare:

Anathema of Zos, IHO 2001 66pp One coloured plate. Over 40 illustrations, entirley reset with rubicated text and gold titles. Paperback Fine Order No. 700077 £7

Collected Works, His Art, Philosophy & Magic, Sorcerers Apprentice 1982 No Ltd Ed of 481this being number 183, Commences with a Brief Biography and an essay “Sorcery of AOS” by Pete Carroll Automatic Drawing article, Earth Inferno, Book of Pleasure, Focus of Life, Anathema of Zos. Large format 11.5ins x 8ins 198pp decorated card covs The standard of reproduction is not great but this publication proved to be very influential upon modern occult scenes especially Chaos Magick, this title is an artefact of this influence VG Order No. 700072 £75

Focus of Life, IHO 2000 Card covers 127pp 2 coloured illustrations. Attractively printed in red and black Fine Order No. 700021 £8

Mystery of an Artist, IHO 2002 Paperback 266pp Illustrated. Handsomely printed with wide margins and red embellishments, one coloured plate. Spare’s essay Mind to Mind and How was first published in the respected Two Tracts on Cartomancy as it deals with divination. This work places it, as near as possible, in its original context:- a response to a series of articles by Kenneth Walker and others concerning telepathy, psychic powers and inspiration carried in the London Mystery Magazine in the 1950s. This work reproduces those articles together with accompanying drawings by Ronald Searle which one could see would have grabbed Spare’s attention. The polemical nature of Spare’s essay, again presented here, becomes understandable, written as “a Sorcerer” Spare declares himself someone who lives what Walker et al speculate about. Too raw for the magazine it was never used. Though the editors passed on this text they published illustrations by Spare. These are reproduced with the associated articles, being short stories by Lewis Spence, Algernon Blackwood, Dorothy Edwards and Martin Gardner. Also provided is the article Mystery of an Artist written about Spare by Hannen Swaffer which appeared in the journal. This has been very scarce (original copies carrying the article have been offered for sale for over £200!). The longer work by Swaffer, Adventures of Inspiration is also provided. This discusses Spare in the wider context of sources of artistic inspiration. The front cover utilises a fine picture of Spare at one of his exhibitions fixing the camera in his gaze, with the editors of the London Mystery Magazine behind him. The last pages even give a design provided for the magazine but rejected which Spare went on to utilise elsewhere. This commendable publication represents an excellent window upon an often overlooked aspect of Spare’s work. Fine Order No. 700022 £10

Various, A.O.S. A Celebration, Large Format (12ins x 8is) Paperback 95ppColoured Illustrations. Produced for the celebration event of Spare’slife held on the fiftieth anniversary of his death, copies being given to those who attended. Proceeds went to the RSPCA, reflecting Spare’s compassion for animals which manifested in his occultism where he believed that by “atavistic resurgence” we may share the powers and consciousness of animals. This book presents two short memoirs of Spare by Dennis Bardens and Frank Letchford both describing the artist’s defence and care of the stray cats plus half a dozen photos of him in his studio surrounded by the animals. Spare also felt immense compassion for the working horses around him, painting a series of pictures called “Horses for Slaughter” two of which are reproduced here. Other original artwork reproduced in colour shows Spare’s wide range of styles. and include many images not previously published. Altogether nearly twenty items of original artwork and ten photographs of the artist are reproduced plus other material. A number of people who have been prominent in the raising awareness of the Spare have contributed pieces which describe how they encountered the art and philosophy of Spare and its effect upon them:- Rob Ansell; Ruth Bayer; Ossian Brown; Clive Harper; Phil Hine; David Knight; Carl McCoy; Andrew; Alan Moore; Tony Naylor; Michael Staley; Caroline Wise This copy is in Fine condition and has the Invitation (one sheet folded giving 4pp) plus Itinerary (1pp) and Auction list (1pp) loosely enclosed Order Ref. 20097 £150

The Valley of Fear, Fulgur 2007. Large format (32cm x 24cm) xi preliminaries and prolegomenon and 20 coloured reproductions printed on one side of the paper, one forming the frontispiece. The illustrations are Spare at his best, finely drawn morphing grotesque figures, strangely beautiful and ugly, inhabit fantasy landscapes. The reproduction is of the strikingly excellent and impressive aesthetics in the presentation with textured gold endpapers, top edge gilt, quarter bound in green morocco goatskin leather, subtly printed dustwrapper in stout clothbound slipcase. Elegance incarnate. One reproduction has a 4cm scratch, but this is unobtrusive, otherwise all Fine+ Order No. 680013 £250

A.G. Stco, Yeats, His Poetry and Thought, Cambridge University 1964 paperback 255pp VG Order No. 700054 £3

Frater U.’.D.’., Practical Sigil Magic, Creating Personal Symbols for Success, Llewellyn 1991 Paperback xiii + 134pp This item is very scarce now. The author is Ralph Tegtmeier who in Germany writes under the pseudonym Frater V.’.D.’. Presumably it was felt that this magical motto needed some adaption for the English speaking world, especially as he has also written about sex magick. Some wear, creases and marks Good only Order No. 700046 £55

Various, Ambix, Journal of the Society for Study of Alchemy and Early Chemistry Vol.I No. 1 (, 1937 91pp, (25cm x 19cm) Card covered journal which has been given a cloth bound hardback binding with gilt blocking on spine “Heym, Bibliography of Alchemy”. Arther articles:- Prof. Partington – Albert Magnus on Alchemy; Julius Ruska – Methods of Research in the History of Chemistry; Sherwood Talor – Origins of Greek Alchemy; Partington – Chemical and Alchemical Symbolism – the Origins of Planetary Symbols for the Metals; A. F. Titley – The Macrocosm and Microcosm in Medieval Alchemy. Some slight uneven sunning of cloth but never the less a particularly nice hardback copy Order No. 700009 £30

Various, Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, Vol.I No.1, Conquering Child 1976 88pp Card covs 1st Ed of Liber Pennae Praenumbra received by Soror Nema relating to the Aeon of Maat. Independent occultists whose work caused a stir, as they appeared to be manifesting the Aeon beyond the Aeon of Horus. Very well received in Typhonian circles, they certainly strucjk a rich stream of inspiration & produced an energetic occult journal. Quite extensive underlining and occasional annotation otherwise VG Order No. 700083 £25

Various, Clavicula Nox, No. 3 Azathoth, Ixaxaar 2007 Card covered booklet 44pp Illustrated Articles include:- Stephen Sennitt – Book of the Sentient Night; Asenath mason – the Art of Sacrifice, Blood Magic in the Necronomic Gnosis; Johannes Nefastos – Mad Poets Dreams True. Out of Print Fine Order No. 700085 £15

Various, Clavicula Nox, No.4 Lilith, Ixaxaar 2009 Large format, card covers 52pp Illustrated. Articles include:- G. McCaughry – An Imperative Truth; Asenath Mason – The Whore, the Qliphothic Womb and the Ruby Elixir; TOTBL – Esoteric Formulae and Sigils of Lilith; Mark Smith – Understanding the Path etc Fine Order No. 700084 £12

Various, Gnostica News, Vol. III Nos.1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, Llewellyn 1973-4 11 issues each being very large newspaper format (44cm x 30cm) and 24pp- 32pp. Articles include:- Explanation of Astrology; Modern Ancient Egyptian Church; Our Ancient Wiccan traditions; Taliesin Edwards – Textual Criticism and the Caft Laws; Robert Anton Wilson – All Hail the Goddess Eris / Angels and Extra Terrestials ; Carl Weschcke – Witchcraft; John Philips Palmer – Magic Serving Man / The Lost Word; mark Feldman – Religion and the Occult; Joseph Wilson – Neccisity of Initiation; Gwydion Pendderwen – Withcraft in Wales; Pagan Handfasting; Denning & Phillips – Formula of the Black Goat; Colin Wilson – Strange Powers; David Berezon – Drugs; Coven Contacts: P. Bonnewitz – Witchcraft; Israel Regardie – Torrens and the Golden Dawn; Gavin & Yvonne Frost etc. etc. Plus correspondence and book reviews. Much information concerning wicca and paganism in US in early 1970s All at least G+ Order No. 700086 £45

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.V No.1, SA nd c1994? 56pp A5 Card covered booklet. Magic circle construction, traditional witchcraft, Lilith, Satanism (COS), conspiracy, the magical child, magick & music, Fairie spirituality & the Uranian tradition etc VG Order No. 700044 £5

Various, Lamp of Thoth:-

Vol. IV No.6, SA nd 56pp Card covered booklet. Lively. Articles Inc. John Freedom – Laurel & Hardy Satanism; Pete Carroll; Meriem Clay-Egerton – What Happened to Witches; Mind Control; Athene etc Fine Order No. 700043 £5

Vol.III No.4, SA Not Dated 56pp Card covers Scatology by Coil; Ray Sherwin – A.’.A.’. Bried History and Personal Evaluation; Andrew Barker – Black Magic Bullshit; Laurence Ramsey – Finnish Shamanic Tradition and Occult History (concluding part); Golden Dawn Temple Horus No.5; Fraternitas Saturni; Rafal T. Prinke – Non-Crowleyan Thelema etc Inscription on cover, quite worn Order No. 700043 £5

Various, Sangreal, Journal of the Mysteries of Britain:-

Vol 5 No.3, 1982 Card covered booklet 44ppG Stuart Dearn – Meaning of the Sangreal; Thomas Hall – Rite of Formation Pt. 1; Charles Toogood – Renaissance Idea Today Fine Order No. 700043 £4

Vol.3 No.2, 1980 40pp Card cover Aubrey Burl – Folk Stories and Stone Circles; Gareth Knight – Esoteric Training in Daily Life; G. Stuart Dearn – Animated Chessmen in Welsh Myth; W.G.. Gray Fine Order No. 700039 £4

Vol. 3 No. 4, 1980 Card covers 40pp, articles include:- W.G. Gray – Think ’80 at Cheltenham; Thomas Hall – The Celtic Circled Cross; Sid Birchby – the Green Man; Hans Nintzel – Alchemy, Some Fundamental Ideas Fine Order No. 700040 £40

Vol.2 No.4, 1979 Card covers 40pp Cecil Williamson – Cotswold Witchcraft; Michael Beckett – The Grail Tables etc Fine Order No. 700037 £4

Vol.4 No.1, 1981 Card covers 40pp Hans Nintzel – Morals and Ethics in Esotericism; Thomas Hall – Well of Connla; Dearn – Prehistoric Inhumations etc; Richard Roe -Saint restored Fine Order No. 700039 £4

Various, Secret Workings of the Golden Dawn, Book ‘T’ The Tarot, Helios 1967 No. Ltd Ed of No. 152 of 200 Large format hardback 149pp Some diagrams Comprising ms N,O,P,Q,R & an unlettered T.A.M. Instruction By Frater S.R.M.D. (Mathers) & Others. Has considerable information Rare concerning relationship of card to the heaven, Tree of Life as Projected in a Solid Sphere by S.R.M.D. etc. Very slight foxing to page edges Very Good Order No. 700023 £60

Various, Sut Anubis, Vol.III No.1, 1982 Card covers 30pp. Articles include:- Pete Nallder- High Magic; Aleister Crowley – Testament of Magdalen Blair; B. King – Runes. Some pages loose, some fading to covers Order No. 700081 £2

Various, White Dragon, Witchcraft, Magick and Sacred Landscapes for Mercia and Beyond:-

No. 37, 2003 Large format leaflet 36pp. Articles include:- Otherworldly White Beasts; Quabalah & the Zodiac, Birth of Gods Fine Order No. 700064 £4

No.38, 2003 Large format leaflet 36pp. Articles include:- Drawing Down the Moon in Classical Greece and Rome; History and Practice of Dowsing; Wiccan Rede; Initiation Fine Order No. 700065 £4

No.40, 2004 Large format leaflet 36pp. Articles include:- The Hare, Qabala and the Elements; Lolly Willowes and the Witch; Local Deities Order No. 700061 £4

No.41, Large format leaflet 36pp. Articles include:- the Hazel Tree, ; Rites of Passage, Lickey Hills Folklore, Ireland’s Meath Fine Order No. 700068 £4

No.42, 2004 Large format leaflet 36pp. Articles include:- The Ash Tree: Labyrinth part 2: Astrrological Qabalah; Lost Ancient and Sacred Sites Fine Order No. 700066 £4

No.43, 2004 Large format leaflet 36pp. Articles include:- Demon Lovers; Gibbets, Hangmen and the Devil; Sacred Sites of Brittany. Very well informed and significant article by Ken Rees -concerning “The Regency” which derived from the work of Robert Cochrane Fine Order No. 700067 £10

Greg Humphries & Julian Vayne, Now That’s What IO Call Chaos Magick, Mandrake 2004 Paperback 187pp Very Good + Order No. 700082 £6

Julian Vayne, Magick Works, Stories of Occultism in Theory and Practice, Mandrake 2008 paperback 174pp Fine Order No. 700062 £8

A.E. Waite, New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, & of Cognate Instituted Mysteries; their Rites, Literature & History, Rider 1923 Excellent source for esoteric & irregular aspects of the Craft. 980pp 2 vols plates Illustrated. Bound in re clother and quarter imitation morocco with gilt stamped heraldic shield on front boards. Some spotting to endpapers, front hinge of one volume eased. Lengthy Masonic ownership inscription Good Order No. 700016 £30

A.E. Waite, Quest Of The Golden Stairs, A Mystery of Kinghood in Faerie, Theosophical Pu. House 1927 1st Ed. ii 176pp Cloth spine and paper coverd boards . Elegantly typeset, and often overlooked text. Many pages uncut. Book in Very Good condition in a protected DW which is quite chipped and rubbed Order No. 700023 £45

A.E. Waite, Studies in Mysticism, & Certain Aspects of the Secret Tradition, Hodder & Stoughton 1904 1st Ed 348pp Half leather binding Ex-library with remains of stickers on front pastedown and front endpaper, various stamps including withdrawn on reverse of title page, sound reading copy Order No. 700075 £20

A.E. Waite, The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, Being Records of the House of the Holy Spirit in its Inward & Outward History, Rider 1923 1st Ed Hardback, 652pp Handsome gilt stamped design, top edge gilt. The most significant work written on the Rosicrucian movement. Awesome scholarship shines through a wordy style. hapters include: I. Mythical Rosicrucian Precursors; II. Militia Crucifera Evangelica; III. Alchemists and Mystics; IV. Symbolism of the Rose and Cross; V. Fama Fraternitatis; VI. Confessio Fraternitatis; VII. The Chemical Nuptials; VIII. Authorship of the Chemical Nuptials; IX. Development of Rosicrucian Literature; X. English Rosicrucianism; XI. A Great German Alchemist [Michael Maier] ; XII. Later Continental History; XIII. The Awakening in England; XIV. German Rosicrucianism in the Eighteenth Century; XV. The Ritual and Masonic Period; XVI. The Rosy and Golden Cross; XVII. Saint-Germain and Cagliostro; XVIII. Frates Lucis; XIX. The Rosy Cross in Russia; XX. English Rosicrucianism of the Nineteenth Century; XXI. A Modern Rosicrucian Order; XXII. A Kabalistic Order of the Rose-Croix; XXIII. The American Rosy Cross; XXIV. Last Developments nof the Mystery. Slight spotting to page edges but overall Very Good clean sound copy with tight binding Order No. 700021 £125

Don Webb, Mysteries of the Temple of Set, Inner Teachings of the Left Hand Path, Runa-Raven 2004 Paperback 95pp Fine Order No. 700060 £15

Don Webb, Uncle Setnakt’s Guide to the Left Hand Path, , Runa-Raven 1999 Paperback viii + 120pp Introduction by Stephen Flowers corners a little dog eared Good Order No. 700087 £10

Roger Williamson, Lucifers, A Basic Handbook of Luciferian Sorcery, Magus Meta Media 2002 28pp card covered booklet, illustrated. Very scarce title Very Good Order No. 700003 £12

Wilfred Davies and G. Zur, The Phoenician Letters, Mowat 1979 Paperback 111ppderiving from Manchester, England, ascribes meaning to Phoenician letters drawing upon some knowledge of Phonecian Gods. Curious and scarce work Uneven fading but VG Order No. 700063 £30

6) S.E.E. Publication Project – German translator sought.

If you willing and able to read and then translate into English an 18th Century occult manuscript that is written in German, then do please get in contact. Full credits will be given when published and the rate of pay will is, I think, quite reasonable.

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