Knowledge and Delight Symposium: London, September 2011

AMeTh Lodge

is proud to announce the


A two-day, open Thelemic conference hosted by the Lodge on the weekend of 10th-11th September 2011e.v.

The “Knowledge and Delight” Symposium is bringing together nationally and internationally recognised speakers in their fields to serve the wider London, UK and international Thelemic and occult communities.

This symposium will be taking place in a remarkable historic building in Docklands, London. It will be adorned with a celebration of the Rite of Isis composed by Aleister Crowley and Frater Achad and it will provide superb opportunities for discussion, entertainment and networking in sumptuous and very comfortable surroundings with a three-course formal dinner and two lunches as a part of the packed two-day programme that will include the following topics and speakers:

State of the Art: Experimental Art Forms as Grids, Matrices and Solvents in a Magical Context – Carl Abrahamsson

The Coins of KoYuen: Aleister Crowley, Frieda Lady Harris & the Yi King – Gary Dickinson

The Engines of Thelema – Adrian Dobbie

Aleister Crowley’s Egypt: Sacred and Profane – Paul Feazey

Delight, Fallen: The Yearning towards Union and Knowledge in the Myths of Psyche and Persephone, Eros and the Christian Mystics, and the Journey of Everyman – Kim Huggens

The Forgotten Founder: Henry Klein and the Early History of O.T.O. – Richard Kaczynski

In The Know – Gary Lachman

Apocalypse Now and Then: One Man’s Literary Journey into the Heart of the Beast (with a boatload of assistants) – Rodney Orpheus

Reasoning into Reality – Roy Sutherwood

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