Boleskine Sales Brochure

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Ben Fernee's latest – and excellent – book list includes a fascinating description of a sales brochure for Boleskine House circa 1993. This is when Jimmy Page sold the House in an apparent attempt to persuade Robert Plant that he had “moved on” from his interest in Crowley… See the whole list by emailing Caduceus Books

Aleister Crowley (Related), Boleskine House, Sales Brochure, Strutt &
Parker (c1993) Glossy card folder carrying 10 coloured photos of
interiors and exteriors of the property. Holds 6 loose sheets printed on
both sides describing the site, plus a map. This was produced when Jimmy
Page decided to sell the house. The brief history of the house makes no
mention of Crowley or the identity of the seller. The internal
decoration is very conventional, though one can see a copy of Magick in
Theory and Practice on the coffee table! Also one can see some graphiti
on the back of the gate house, “Beware of the anteater!”

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