Feast Of The Dragon and Tarot Class At Aum Ha Lodge

Dramatic Thelemic Public Ritual and new Free Public Tarot Class for Halloween 2011

Aum. Ha. Lodge is proud to offer at our Temple at 7013 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60626

Feast Of The Dragon – Free public dramatic ritual and party
The time when the veils between the Living and Dead are almost at their thinnest; or so the Ancients say. Now is the time when the Spirits of the Dead are hungry; and the Living are hungry for some Spirits! Here at Aum. Ha. Lodge we intend to satisfy both; with a Dramatic Ritual in honor of the Great Dragon and a Costume Party to follow!

The Feast of the Dragon will kick off the Costume Party! It is a dramatic and entertaining Ritual that is open to the public and perfectly attuned to the spirit of the season. Come and be a part of a ceremony that calls upon the Great Dragon to cleanse us, purify us, and free our True Wills! Drink from the “Wine of Death” and celebrate till the Witching Hour with “The Master of the Temple”.

There will be a costume party at the Lodge to follow this Dark Rite; and all attendees are encouraged to come in costume to the Ritual.

It all starts at 8pm on Saturday the 29th and will continue till late into the night. Both the Rite and Party are free to all and completely open to the public (donations are always welcome).

New Monthly Free Public Tarot Class followed by the Gnostic Mass
Aum. Ha. Lodge is also offering a new Free Public Class on the Tarot on the last Sunday in every month starting Sunday October 30th at 3:00pm. The class will last an hour or so and is followed at 6:00pm by our monthly celebration of the Gnostic Mass.
Aum. Ha. Lodge hosts a public celebration of the Gnostic Mass on the last Sunday of every month at our temple at 6:00pm. At public mass only the Priest takes communion, therefore it is an ideal introduction for people who have never attended a Gnostic Mass to enjoy the ritual without obligation to partake of communion. The Mass is a free public event open to all. Come for the Tarot class, stay for some gnosis! For more details on these events, and others, please bookmark our calendar. ISTTO FraterCerno, Secretary Aum. Ha. Lodge – Secretary@aumha-oto.org Email for questions or information – info@aumha-oto.org

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