Coruscatio: The Magical Cactus Voice

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Desert Star Temple (Publishing)

is pleased to announce the publication of

Coruscatio: The Magical Cactus Voice

by Frater Shiva

From remote antiquity to the present day people of all cultures and societies have experimented with “magick libations” involving psychoactive substances as part of their spiritual quest. While many of the materials are legally proscribed, other plants and potions used in these rites are legal and often easily available. This text explores the use of such libations – chemically, medically, psychologically and spiritually – with particular emphasis on their role in modern-day occultism.

The author, Frater Shiva, was a senior member of “Solar Lodge” (the 1960s US occult fraternity that drew many of its teachings from the works of Aleister Crowley) who has since moved on to explore other spiritual vistas. A licensed primary-care health practitioner with extensive first-hand experience in these matters, both as a participant and as a guide, Shiva stresses that the book is not a “user’s manual” or “recommendation,” but rather an investigation and exploration of the subject. This book has the technical/magical title “Sepher Nesek Magi Qaqtvs Qol vel Coruscatio, sub figurâ CMXXXIV: “The Book of Libation – The Magical Cactus Voice.” It is dedicated to Aleister Crowley’s “lost Liber,” that is: “The Cactus – Liber CMXXXIV – 934,” no copies of which are known to have survived.

The book is available in two forms:

Hardcover: Glossy printed boards (no dustjacket). 8vo. xxiv + 158 pp. B/W Ills. & Diagrams. Hardcover first edition limited to 150 copies. (40844) $45.00

Softcover: Glossy printed wrappers. 8vo. xxiv + 158 pp. B/W Ills. & Diagrams. First softcover edition limited to 418 copies. (40845) $20.00
Special launch offer.

For a short time only copies of both books come with a bookplate stamped with the author’s personal seal and signed by him on the inside front cover.

(Maximum of 2 signed copies of each binding per customer. Signed copies only while stocks last.)

Available now from Weiser Antiquarian Books:

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