Project Overkill – A New Novel Featuring Aleister Crowley

I wondered if other LAShTAL members and visitors might be interested to hear about my new novel Project Overkill, recently published on Amazon Kindle in the UK, US, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France?

Although based mainly in the present day it includes a dramatised Crowley-related incident in New York in the 1920s and an account of a rite in Paris in 2008 based on the Crowley/Neuburg ‘Paris Working’. There are also fictionalised episodes featuring Israel Regardie.
The main plot involves an attempt by Satanists to steal away Marcia, in whom they recognise vivid mediumistic abilities. It culminates in a violent conclusion in the countryside of Cheshire, England, in which the events are told from three different perspectives.

I took care with the Kindle Product Description to ensure that anyone who finds it interesting would know what to expect from reading the novel, and I politely recommend it as being worthy of inspection.
With best wishes to all,

Alan Shaw

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