Gunther Lecture: New Orleans

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Alombrados Oasis, Ordo Templi Orientis, will be hosting speaker J Daniel Gunther, author of Initiation in the Aeon of the Child, on Saturday, March 3rd 2012. He will be doing two lectures, namely, The Order that Hath No Name Among Men, and Self Beyond Self. The lectures are open to the public. The event will be held at the Oasis, located at 3151 Dauphine St. New Orleans, La.

J. Daniel Gunther has been a life-long student of Esotericism, Mythology, Religion and Psychology. For over 35 years, he has been a member of A.’.A.’., the teaching and testing Order established by Aleister Crowley. He is on the Editorial Board of The Equinox, and has served as consultant and advisor for a number of publications in the field of esotericism. He is the author of Initiation in the Aeon of the Child and with James Wasserman,was co-editor of Pythagoras, His Life & Teachings, both published by Ibis Press. His dynamic lectures and presentations have been proclaimed as penetrating and inspiring revelations of Thelemic doctrine.
His forthcoming book is titled, The Angel & The Abyss.
The first lecture, entitled, The Order that Hath No Name Among Men, discusses A.’.A.’. and will start at 10:30am and go till 12:30pm.

There will be a break for lunch at 12:30pm.

The second lecture, entitled, Self Beyond Self, discuss the nature of the Holy Guardian Angel, and will start at 2:00pm and go till 4:00pm.

A banquet will be held at Elizabeth’s restaurant in the Bywater and guests will have the opportunity to ask J. Daniel Gunther further questions over great food and good wine.

The cost of the lecture series is $45.00 and all proceeds go to and benefit the Alombrados Oasis. Please RSVP. Call (510) 684-0890 or email for further details.

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