Aleister Crowley: The Prophet of the New Aeon

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The c.n.p.o* for the Study of Self “Entelechy” presents:

– A whole day of lectures relating to The Book of the Law –

To be held on Monday 9 April 2012 – at Treadwell’s, London.

The fantastic program includes:

Part I
11:00 Welcome

11:10 am – 11:35 am
The “Save the Abbey of Thelema” project by Anna Apostolidou, chairperson of the c.n.p.o. “Entelechy”

11:40 am – 12:05 pm
“Law, Truth & Desire: Crowley, Badiou & Lacan” by Katerina Kerasoti-Kay, D.Phil.

12:05 pm – 12:25 pm
Reading Liber Al, Chapter I by Caroline Wise

12:25 pm – 13:30 pm

Part II
13:30 pm – 13:50 pm
“The Abbey must be built” by Peter Grey, owner of Scarlet Imprint Publications

13:50 pm – 14:10 pm
Reading Liber Al, Chapter II
by Paul Feazey

14:10 pm – 14:30 pm
“The Cult of Nuit: the star goddess of ancient Egypt, mother of Seth and all the gods.” by Mogg Morgan, owner of Mandrake of Oxford Publishing

14:30 pm – 14:40 pm
“Thelemic Geographica”
by Anna Apostolidou

14:40 pm – 15:00 pm

Part III
15:00 pm – 15:20 pm
“Aleister Crowley: Prophet of a New Aeon, priest of Ancient Gods” by Paul Feazey, owner & editor of LAShTAL.COM

15:20 pm – 15:40 pm
Reading Liber Al, Chapter III by Peter Grey

15:40 pm – 16:10 pm
“Flashings of the Fire: Transmission of a Magical Current” by Michael Staley, Head of Ordo Typhonis (The Typhonian Order), and Founder of Starfire Publishing

16:10 pm – 16:30 pm

The ticket price is only £20 (All proceeds will go to help preserve the Abbey of Thelema, Cefalu.)

For bookings please contact Treadwell’s at 020 7419 8507.

We wish to thank our speakers for their selfless participation in our event and Christina Harrington of Treadwell’s for offering the booking facility as well as for her immense patience.

We would also like to thank LAShTAL.COM, our media sponsor, for offering a precious platform for our communication.

We’re now looking forward to meeting everyone at the event!

Meanwhile, you can check the website we’ve created for the event here


* The c.n.p.o. for the Study of Self “Entelechy” is a registered charity
(Reg. Number: 20894/2011, Court of First Instance of Athens, Greece)

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