Yet Another Crowley Movie…

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Yet another Crowley film proposed. This one has only been announced in one of the lesser Thelemic mailing lists to my knowledge… There’s more than a hint of irony about the announcement, but time will tell…

From: “Tom Chaudoin” (

My movie company, Flaming Idiot Productions, will begin production of my new documentary of my personal experiences with Thelema, the OTO, sex magick and EQ. The core of this will be a Knowledge Lecture of the ALW cipher and cipher X and a full expostion of our research.

The script is just about written. Joel and I will be giving lectures at an as yet undisclosed location. These lectures will provide the principal footage and narration for the movie.

The working title thus far is: “What I Have Seen…” which exactly what I will be talking about in the film’s narration, Im going to tell the story of the OTO in Atlanta … and hopefully shift some popular
attention towards the Typhonian Movement and the various other Splinter Orders. It should be completed by the end of the year and I have generated some academic interest via my involvement with Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network, and the Dahlonega International Film Fest.

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