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Wicca isn't really my “thing”, but I couldn't resist including details of the “Annual Witchcraft Seminar” – partly because it's being held in my favourite part of England (Tintagel, North Cornwall), and partly because of the quality of the speakers: Dave Evans will be there, as will Maxine Sanders, whose book impressed me greatly as a teenager, and my old friend from Oxford, Mogg Morgan. Annual Witchcraft Seminar, Tintagel, October 2004

Adrian Bryn-Evans,
The House of the Old Ways, 76 Balch Road, Wells, Somerset. BA5 2BX 01749 674712
seminar website: http://www.witchcraftseminar.com/main-menu.htm

Camelot Castle
King Arthur’s Castle Hotel
Tintagel, Cornwall
PL34 0DQ

Seminar plus Friday and Saturday accommodation £125.00
Seminar plus Saturday night accommodation £95.00
Seminar only £60.00

Friday 22nd October
Evening social session

Saturday, 23rd October

Opening Ritual

Pete Jennings On Norse Magic
Dianne Firmin on The Magical History of Cats
Marian Green on Living with the Sacred Seasons
Jan Brodie on Psychic Self Defence
Mogg Morgan on ‘The Cult of the Horned God’

Dark Goddess Ritual with Levannah Morgan and friends

Evening of Music with well known Irish folk band Innominata

Sunday, 24th October

Ralph Harvey on ‘His Time in the Craft’
Maxine Sanders on the Power of the Circle
Dave Evans on ‘Magical Societies in Modern Occultism’

Closing Ritual

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