“Aleister” Tobacco

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“Choice Louisiana Perique is blended with top grade cube-cut Burley, Black Toasted Cavendish, and the finest Golden Virginias. Steaming and stoving mellows the mixture, while bringing out the best of each tobacco. Finally, a hint of dark Jamaican Rum provides the perfect finish. Quite a strong tobacco, Aleister is not for the faint of heart!”

Although no longer produced, here is some information about the Friedman & Pease tobacco based on Crowley’s recipe…

Aleister is rough, earthy and leaves a tingle on the palate that made me fear tongue bite without ever experiencing it. I guess Mr. Crowley himself could be thought of this way (should one presume to smoke him), so it seems Messrs. Friedman and Pease have done justice to ‘the wickedest man on earth’.

This product still makes its way occasionally onto eBay…

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