“SilKMilK s p o o l 2 Launched”

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Thanks to RaHuNath for the following:

SilKMilK MagiZain s p o o l 2

Ink of the SpiderGoats and their Ilk:

The 2nd of April 2004 -(anniversary of Frater Achad’s inauguration of the Ma-(nifestat)-Ion) – saw a convergence of some of the finest of Melbourne’s esoteric underground artists, performers and musicians for the launch of the second SILKMILK MagiZain and CD, now available wwworldwide…

While most of the thelemic community worldwide were focused on the Centenary of the writing of Liber Al – a Gate – our event (and the work it launched) celebrated Achad’s 13-31 Key.

SILKMILK MagiZain is a collective publishing vehicle of The Order of ChAOS and affiliates. A perfect-bound (square spine) print journal with an audio/video CD in the back cover, it presents artistic expressions in a range of mediums from musical and soundscape to film, painting, drawing, poetry and essays, all with magickal intent and/or content.

For the launch of the second spool -which has ‘Magickal Body Arts’ and ‘Ancient Archetypes in Modern (sub)Culture’ themes – Metamorphic Ritual Theatre created a new short play – ‘MeduZeus’.

Contents, Samples (art,writing, music, film) and Ordering information for SilKMilK s p o o l #2 can be seen and heard at:



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