Appeal For Donations

      No Comments on Appeal For Donations is a non-commercial site but it’s costing me a significant sum in hosting and registration fees.

Please read on for an appeal for donations to enable the site to continue…


It is becoming increasingly costly to keep online.

Registration, hosting and web space, including the necessary support for PHP and MySQL databases for both and currently exceed GBP 275.00 per year. This includes the registration of the following domains:,, and

In order to maintain its independence and impartiality, never has and never will accept advertising; so, there are no banners and no intrusive pop-ups. As a result, I can guarantee that all reviews are honest and the integrity of the site is maintained. You may not agree with everything on the site, but you have the assurance that it’s honest.

However, despite repeated requests, has received only two donations – thanks to you both! I continue to devote a significant period of time each day to the development of but I cannot continue to rely upon sales from my archive to fund the site.

If you find in the least bit entertaining or useful and you feel so inclined, please consider making a donation towards its hosting. You can use the “Make A Donation” icon on the main pages or just go to and send a donation to

Thanks for listening,


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