From The Atlantis Bookshop

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The Atlantis Bookshop – 49a Museum Street, London – will need no introduction for Thelemites. It has a fine history and was frequented by Crowley himself…
I strongly recommend a visit to their modern and attractive website:

The bookshop is currently selling some remarkable items from the stock of Jimmy Page’s long-defunct Equinox Bookshop, including some very attractive Dove Press hardback books at reasonable prices.

Also available are the remarkable, recently published “The Book of the Law: the Illuminated Edition” and also “Chaos Ritual” by Steve Wilson. Neptune Press is the publishing house of The Atlantis Bookshop.

The proprietor of the bookshop has offered to keep me updated on new releases from Neptune Press – I will, of course, post details on together with reviews of any items submitted for review here.

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