“Raving Crowleyite…”

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Charmingly, lashtal.com has received the accolade of “Raving Crowleyite of the Week Award“.

In the interests of impartiality, read more for full details.

Here’s the text from The Modern Thelemite – Notes From A Real Bald-Headed Hermit:

And the raving Crowleyite of the Week Award goes tooooo…

…Lashtal.Com! Okay, look, I respect the site’s Position Statement (even if I find it a little hard to swallow), but publishing Crowley’s Chess Notes? I mean, it’s bad enough we have to deal with his crappy poetry, and those suicide inducingly dull Simon Iff stories… But his Chess Notes? What’s next? Gems from Crowley’s Grocery List?

On the other hand, this gives me hope. Maybe, just maybe, one day, when I’m dead, people will look over my Risk notes in eternal slavish devotion. That would be cool.

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