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Exciting news from Fulgur about their next publication: a new edition of The Carfax Monographs.

Read on for more details. With Fulgur’s track record for producing books of great quality, this is one publication that I am very keen to see!

This is the official announcement by Fulgur on their excellent mailing list…

It is […] with great pleasure that we can formally announce Fulgur will be producing a new edition of The Carfax Monographs entitled: Hidden Lore, Hermetic Glyphs.

The new edition has been revised and corrected and offers much new material, including nearly 30 colour plates by Steffi Grant and a new essay. The edition will be very limited. More details will be posted on the main Fulgur website by the end of this month.

Publication is due later this summer, but Fulgur subscribers will be receiving a prospectus towards the end of June.

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