Phyllis Seckler: Greater Feast

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“Phyllis Seckler died this afternoon [31 May 2004] at 4:43pm.”

This from the excellent Red Flame web site:

One of the most remarkable women in the history of Thelema is Phyllis Seckler, also known as Soror Meral. She took Minerval Degree into Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis at Agape Lodge back on August 26th in 1939. By the late-sixties Crowley’s organization seemed destined for obscurity but, out of the ashes, arose Phyllis Seckler and Grady McMurtry. Together, these two people became the primary figures responsible for bringing the Order from its near death to the world wide organization that it is today. It is safe to say that without Soror Meral the OTO would probably have died. For this we all owe her our deepest gratitude. In 1979 Soror Meral was Chartered to run her own OTO Lodge, known as 418 Lodge, and she has remained in charge of it ever since. Besides founding the well-known College of Thelema, as well as the Temple of Thelema, she was editor and publisher of the serial magazine known as In The Continuum. Soror Meral has spent a lifetime in the service of both the AA and OTO – bringing the knowledge of the Thelema to the forefront of occult studies.

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