1929 June 11 – The Patriot

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An important part of the Press in this country is conducted in a manner to weaken the old standards of the traditional moral code by making light of social and political delinquencies; and by wholesale advertisement to subversive persons and doctrines opposed to the calls of patriotism, honour and religion. The Patriot has very fully exposed the career and the present activities of Aleister Crowley; and this is what the Daily Sketch of 2 July puts before it’s doped readers about that person :-

One of the most interesting and talked of men in Europe is now visiting London after a long absence. He is Aleister Crowley, famed for his knowledge and reputed practice of black magic, who was asked to leave France two months ago . . . . He has been branded in many countries, and showed me, with some amusement, a newspaper cutting concerning himself, and headed “The Human Beast.” But stories about him have been exaggerated to a ridiculous extent. Actually he is a very brilliant and interesting man, who has travelled all over the world observing religious practices and philosophy. He has been in the most remote places, like the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and was once a tremendous mountaineer. Crowley, who is exceptionally witty, is publishing a volume of his short stories soon, and these will probably be followed by his memoirs. The latter dealing largely with the practice of the magic arts, are unique and enormously long.

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