1929 October 25 – Mixed Magic

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MOONCHILD. By Aleister Crowley. Mandrake Press. 10s 6d.net.

A sub-title to “Moonchild” are the words “A Prologue.” We take this to mean that Mr. Aleister Crowley will produce a sequel to this amazing mixture of black and white magic. Much of the book is frankly revolting in it’s details. If such abominations are performed they are hardly fit subject for a work of fiction. The tale is, briefly, concerned with the efforts of white magicians to secure the entrance of a spirit of the moon into an expectant mother; and the efforts of black magicians to defeat the white. The moonchild is born, and forthwith disappears from the story, which then finishes during the war. In this the white magicians reveal the German General Staff plans to Foch while the British Army is retreating from Mons. The whole atmosphere of the story is unreal and unpleasant.

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