1930 February 8 – Daily News

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I think it is true to say that never has so small a society received so much publicity throughout the length and breadth of England as has the Oxford University Poetry Society this week through it’s action in cancelling a lecture by Aleister Crowley, the authority on black magic, because of a “threat of disciplinary action.”

The leading figure in the story has been Mr. Hugh Speaight, who wrote the letter cancelling the lecture which has since been reprinted in so many papers. He is up at Lincoln College, and is the brother of the actor, Robert Speaight. His jumpers are said to be the most vivid ever seen even in Oxford, while large rings and a check cap usually add distinction to his costume.

Another prominent member of the society is Miss Elizabeth Harman, who is up at Lady Margaret Hall, while her sister is a member of St. Hugh’s. They are the beautiful daughters of the well-known Harley-street doctor.

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