1947 December 4 – Daily Express

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Express Staff Reporter

Dr. William Brown Thomson, who used to prescribe morphia tablets for Black Magician Aleister Crowley, the wickedest man in Britain, has died within 24 hours of his patient, it was disclosed yesterday.

Sixty-eight year old Dr. Thomson was found dead in his bath in his Mayfair flat. For more than three years Dr.Thomson was Crowley’s physician. At first, Crowley went to a West-End chemist to get morphia tablets on Thomson’s prescription. A year ago Crowley tried to get more morphia than was prescribed. After that, Dr. Thomson always went to the chemist with him. Three months ago Crowley’s morphia was stopped. He put a curse on the doctor. But Scotland Yard are sure that both men died from natural causes. Crowley will be cremated at Brighton tomorrow.

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