Illuminates of Thanateros CHAOS CONTINUUM SEMINAR 2004

Thanks to JulianVayne for a reminder about the Chaos Continuum Seminar…
Moulton College Northamptonshire

Seminar leaders include:

Susan Leybourne
Lionel Snell
Ian Read
Ingrid Fischer
Dave Lee
Julian Vayne
Stuart Verity
Frater Alloy (IOTA)

The Time:
Evening of Friday 13th to afternoon of Sunday 15th August.

Getting There:
Moulton College of Agriculture is in the lovely village of Moulton off the A43 north of Northampton in Middle England. Go to select ‘Great Britain’ and enter the UK Postcode NN3 7RR. Moulton College is served by two Motorways – M1 and M40, and the A43 is a major road also. There are five international airports within easy reach so if you are coming from abroad search around for the best deals on air-flights. The cheapies from Europe Ryanair/Easyjet come in at Stansted and Luton. These are the closest airports and transport to the venue may be available if you make sure we know what flight you are on. In addition to this there is easy access by train to Northampton from Birmingham International and East Midlands airports. Heathrow is the main intercontinental destination.

The Venue
Picked by the organising team for its unique characteristics this Temple space is a monster. Twelve sided, each side about 5m, so 60m circumference, this can accommodate as many Chaos Magickians as there are on the Planet. The word (from Frater Fantastic) was “HUGE.” We are going to soooo equip this space. Expect Starship Thanateros! The Team have a Vision. Be there or be told about it. CHOYOFAQUE!

Prices are in Pounds.
(Euro at €1.5: £1 – this is a guide, get your own exchange rate)

Two nights full board double/single room
£111/€170 (until 30/06/04), £ 141/€212 (until 10/07/04)

Day ticket (no meals included) £23.00

Contact via website at:

Send us an e-mail – we get them!

Snail Mail:
BM 8482
London WC1N 3XX

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