1950 January 11 – Daily Telegraph

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DIED 3 YEARS AGO. Daily Telegraph Reporter.

The name of Mr. Edward Alexander Crowley, 72, who died near Hastings in 1947, appeared in last night’s London Gazette. He was said to practise black magic and described himself as “The worst man in the world.”

A notice appearing under intended dividends in bankruptcy described him as “commonly known as Aleister Crowley, whose present address or place of business the petitioning creditors are unable to ascertain, a domiciled Englishman, domiciled in English author.”

When Mr. Crowley was made bankrupt in 1935 his liabilities were 4,700 pounds and his assets a doubtful book dept of 15,000 pounds . Four years later a “first and final” dividend of 2d in the pound was paid. The reason for the new notice is that more funds have become available and proofs of debts will be received up to Jan 27.

The description in the London Gazette of the bankrupt has to follow exactly that given in the receiving order announcement.

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