Jack Parsons: Article In Major UK Magazine

Major UK men’s interest magazine Jack features an extensive illustrated article about John Whiteside Parsons as part of its “Space Special”…

The article covers four pages of the July 2004 issue of Jack magazine, which is a high-profile, popular UK men’s magazine. (That’s “men’s magazine” as in Maxim, not top shelf material.)

The article, “Space Cadet”, is by Mike Hodgkinson and has the following subtitle: “The occult, sex magic, ritual ogies… The short, explosive life of rocket scientist Jack Parsons was definitely stranger than fiction.”

There are 5 black and white illustrations, including three of Jack working, one of L Ron Hubbard, and the usual “bald and staring” photo of Crowley.

It’s a solid piece of work, witty and irreverent, and is clearly based on Sex And Rockets by “John Carter”.

“Agape Lodge Number 2” of the Ordo Templi Orientis is described. “Crowley set about re-inventing OTO rituals and fine-tuning its sacred applications of sexual energy.” The eighth degree is dismissed amusingly: “The monkey he spanked was a mystical beast.”

An entertaining article – and it’s good to see Crowley and his followers discussed in a wider Thelemic context…

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