Perdurabo: Web references in the Notes

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“Perdurabo”: Web sites from the Notes Section’,’Chapter 1

Note 7:

Peter Blackwell’s “The Plymouth Brethren” site has moved to:

Miles Stanford’s “Brief History” site has moved to:

Shawn Abigail’s “Plymouth Brethren FAQ” has moved to:

“The Battle Fought” at:

Note 45:

The site referred to appears to have been removed to:

Note 47:

See Note 45 above.

Chapter 5

Note 39:


Chapter 9

Note 26:

Laylah link printing error – should be:

Chapter 11

Note 8


Chapter 12

Note 32

Westley: Note the comma separators –,12,16676,00.html

Chapter 13

Note 40

The full link re Jane Wolfe is at:

Chapter 22

Note 19

The first link re the Bell Inn has expired. The second site remains at

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