2005 October 23 – Sunday Mercury

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SUPERSTAR singer Robbie Williams has turned to a Midland master of the occult in his desperate bid to find love and overseas fame.

The Stoke-on-Trent star’s new album features a series of spooky pictures based on tarot cards – and he has admitted studying the black magic works of demonic Aleister Crowley.

In an interview with the Sunday Mercury to promote the Intensive Care CD, Robbie admitted: ‘In the two years I’ve worked on the album I’ve developed an interest in magic and the occult.

‘I’ve been studying the published works of occultist Aleister Crowley and dabbling in spells of my own.’

Crowley, who died in 1947, was a self-proclaimed drug and sex fiend from Leamington, Warwickshire, who claimed to have raised the devil in sinister ceremonies.

He called himself the Great Beast 666, and was obsessed with the dark side of life. He became a black magician and founded a new occult religion, which attracted troubled followers.

Jimmy Page, guitarist with Midland supergroup Led Zeppelin, bought Crowley’s Scottish mansion Boleskine House – but hurriedly sold it after two unexplained deaths.


But a top Midland psychic believes Robbie will have a run of GOOD luck thanks to his newfound occult faith.

Medium John Starkey, who has analysed the images on the album sleeve, believes the 31 year-old star is also dabbling with the celebrity faith Kabbalah to find inner peace.

The cover shot features Robbie holding his forefinger up to reveal a sigil on his fingertip, a symbol which is a magical seal or device and can be used to summon up angels or demons.

The psychic, from Wolverhampton, told the Sunday Mercury: ‘Judging from these pictures, it looks as though he has found some sort of magical new pathway.

‘I think he might be into Kabbalah – the faith followed by Madonna – because that has more of a magical system to it.

‘The pictures are most interesting and the image on the front cover shows his finger leaning towards the angel. This is very indicative of a positive mental state.

‘I think that he will find success in the US with this album. And I have a strong feeling that he will hit the big time over there with a song about a monk.’

That’s not the only success he’ll have. John predicted single Robbie will finally find the love of his life.

‘It is inevitable that it will come to him,’ he said. ‘There is somebody at the moment, hovering in the background who is genuinely emotionally involved with him.

‘They have a very good connection and there is a link to South Africa.
But I don’t think it is anyone who is in the limelight.’

Robbie asked DC Comics’ Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely to design the cover after meeting the pair in LA, where he has been living for the past three years.

John, who has been making predictions since the 1960s, added: ‘I don’t think he’s into the anti-Christ. What I sense from these pictures is extremely positive.

‘He must have had a good therapist to find this pathway. Maybe Robbie would say the spirituality in this artwork is a total coincidence. But I believe he knows a lot about tarot.

‘There are great similarities between him and Led Zeppelin. The band also found a magical pathway and then went on to become hugely successful in the States.’

The singer has been living in LA for the past two years after ditching booze for a quieter life. He has also admitted to an addiction to painkillers in the past.

But he has struggled to find love, flitting from one romance to another including affairs with model Rachel Hunter, ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and a US television star.

John is adamant that his troubled days are a thing of the past.

‘He really has conquered all his demons,’ he said. ‘There is definitely something very different about Robbie now. As well as this album being a huge success, I feel there is another one to come.

‘It will be even better than this offering.’

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