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A sincere Thank You to all Registered Members and casual visitors to for making it probably the most significant and influential of all the many Thelemic websites.

Today saw the number of “hits” at since 30 September last year pass 300,000
Additionally, 337 of you have taken the step of registering membership. And 205 news items have been posted here, in addition to the news archive dating back to February 2002.

There are 44 carefully selected Links to other sites of Thelemic interest.

The site generates an average of 10 serious email enquiries daily to the Webmaster (and a handful of crank extreme ones!).

Currently, seven items of great significance to Thelemites are in the process of being reviewed – these reviews will be presented within the week in an improved and expanded format.

The site has enthusiastically risen to the challenge of running – still the finest source of contemporary news articles about the life of Aleister Crowley.

And all of this has been achieved without one penny being received from advertising. The site continues to develop only because of the generosity of Thelemites and others sympathetic to the aims and ideals of “To provide a non-commercial, non-partisan and non-judgemental source of information relating to Thelema in culture and media, Thelemic philosophy and to the life and works of Aleister Crowley.”

Thanks again, to you all, for making it all worth the effort!

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