Dr Kaczynski Lecture

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Greetings, all!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

As a private AC collector who is currently also (sort of) compiling Scarlet Women material I am terribly sad that I won’t be able to attend the Dr. Kaczynski readings on the weekend. Maybe one of the members who will be there, has the time and energy to collect any material that will be available (if at all) at those readings. Maybe there will even be sound or video recordings possible?

I would be endlessly grateful and of course all expenses will be compensated.

Anyway, I am wishing all those able to join a pleasantful and interesting evening.

Love is the law. Love under will.
Lutz (the real Simon Iff) Lutz is a highly respected collector of Crowley material and I’m more than happy to include his request for information on LAShTAL.com

I, too, am unable to meet Dr Kaczynski in this rare visit to the UK and would be very pleased to assist Lutz in his request for information…


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