Flooded Museum

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It is with growing horror that i watch the TV news today; there has been a flash flood, with water up to 10 feet deep, in Boscastle, Cornwall. The town is the home of a unique museum, The Museum Of Witchcraft, and from TV pictures taken from a helicopter i can see that the Museum is in at least 3 feet of water as i write.

What this means for the unique collections of artefacts and library (including some original 16th century texts) i can o­nly guess, as all phone lines in the area are down, and some roads have been washed away; so communication is impossible right now. The museum has some original Kenneth Grant letters, some unique Crowleyana, a crystal beleived to belong to Austin Spare and much more besides… Hopefully no-one has died, although that is unlikely too, as some buildings have been completely destroyed in the immediate area, and more rain is forecast


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