The Unknown God: W. T. Smith and the Thelemites – Martin P Starr

Teitan Press books are a pleasure to own. Here is o­ne Thelemite that creates books to be treasured – Starr’s Konx Om Pax is beautiful and so is this. Perhaps not as essential as his Amrita, but nonetheless a marvellous book.

The story that unfolds within is well told, well researched, and very enjoyable. There is something highly illuminating in reading about o­ne’s forebears, however minute the impact they have had o­n o­ne’s life. It is telling that, though I knew a little of the story prior to reading it, I recognised many of the scenes therein from my own entry into thelemic occulture all those years ago. Bitchy little scenes of squabbling over which master gets to sleep with the prettiest girl all draped in the highest possible motives are familiar to anyone who has ventured into this world – that such leading lights of thelema as Fra Achad were up to this kind of work back in the day should come as no surprise then.

In addition to Achad and AC, many others of lesser renown are paraded for our delectation, their foibles held up to the light of analysis.

This is no Thelemic Babylon, however and beyond the gossip and the tales of bright men brought down by their egos and their relationship to the master ego of Therion, there is a cautionary story for anyone looking to follow others to the stars. The story of W T Smith should be made mandatory reading for those that seek to join o­ne of the myriad gangs around. Here is an earnest and dedicated, but none too clever, chap so desperate for enlightenment that he is prepared to swallow whatever is dictated as being medicinal – no matter how poisonous the source!!

I really enjoyed reading this book, surprisingly so in fact, and would heartily recommend it to any other thelemite or aspirant. A cracking good read and a salutary fable to boot.

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