Master And Disciple – Mug

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Ok, you know how it is. You’ve had a very pleasant evening in convivial company. Your guests have left and you settle in front of the computer. Perhaps you’ve had a little too much in the way of fortified apple juice, or a nice Merlot. You lean back and scroll through all that eBay has to offer you… Before you know it, it’s the morning after and you’re nervous. What did you order? Surely not the Aleister Crowley mug? Still, it’s only a fiver plus postage: thank your lucky stars it was offered on “Buy Now…” Learn your lesson and move on. But… A few days letter a well-packaged, solid-looking cube arrives. Nice label on it. Lots of protective polystyrene pieces inside. And what’s this? A rather attractively designed limited edition mug. It’s sturdily made in England and is free of any defects. The image facing you when you drink – if you’re right-handed – is surprisingly accomplished. Jimmy Page standing in dragon suit, wielding the violin bow across his Gibson, the body of the guitar forming the first “O” in “Zoso”. Behind him, rising like a chubby genie from the lamp, is Crowley, arms outstretched, turban on his head. And behind him, the numbers “666”. There’s really not much to be said about this mug because, let’s face it, it’s just a mug. But it’s well-made and with a nice transfer. About 9cm tall and 8cm in diameter. There are only 2500 of them out there and they’d make the perfect small gift for any Aleister Crowley Society member. Highly recommended as a harmless bit of fun, inexpensive and nicely produced. I like my one! NB: There are several different designs, my favourite being the Boleskine House one. All are produced by “Mastermania-UK” and are available through eBay: just search for auctions by skin-lid.

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