Ankh-f-n-Khonsu – Stele and Coffin

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The current online issue of Agape magazine (Volume VI Number 1) is available on the website of the US Grand Lodge of the OTO.

It makes for very interesting reading in several respects, but especially for an article (The Pilgrimage) by Lita Luise Chappell which recounts a journey by many Thelemites to Cairo to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the reception of The Book Of The Law
The article includes a close-up of a photograph of the Stele in its display case in the Museum, together with the following intriguing remark:

“This last day for many on the pilgrimage still held a surprise, for everyone was about to be shown something we didn’t even know still existed—the coffin of Ankh-af-na-khonsu! Sister Xenia had been the one to find it in a side hall of the Egyptian Museum. Sure enough, there was a nameplate with his name and the date said it was from the XXVI Dynasty, the same as the Stelé. The color was very good on the outside, the lacquerlike finish giving it a golden-orange color. Time and its transport had created chips off of the colorfully painted plaster and cracks had developed, but the overall effect was impressive. What a wonder to behold a painting of what once resembled the look of this unique individual. Finally, a face to go with his mysterious words!”

It’s unfortunate that there is no photograph of the coffin…

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